Good Omens Season 2 Rounds Out Its Cast; Benedict Cumberbatch & Frances McDormand Not Returning

Hallelujah! TV's unholiest odd couple is making their grand return, with a long list of friends and foes that span Heaven, Hell, and Earth. Production on "Good Omens" season 2 is officially rolling along in Edinburgh Scotland with lead stars David Tennant and Michael Sheen sporting their luxurious hairstyles.

In case you weren't around for the first hellish ride, "Good Omens" tells your typical tale of friendship: a fussy angel and hedonistic demon teaming up to stop the apocalypse! The series comes from Amazon Studios and BBC, with writer and series creator Neil Gaiman at the helm. Taking its story from the Gaiman and Terry Pratchett novel of the same name, the show stars Tennant as the demon Crowley and Sheen as Aziraphale, working through their complex friendship while dealing with, ya know, imminent Armageddon. On the bright (and dark) side, they aren't always the alone — all of Hell, Heaven and many Earthly inhabitants pop in to keep the duo company. Based on the latest casting news, season 2 will include plenty of time with both new and familiar faces.

The Cast of Good Omens Season 2

Kicking off with the bad news first — not everyone is making a return to the end times. Benedict Cumberbatch and Frances McDormand, who voice Satan and God respectively, will not return for season 2. Perhaps the otherworldly rulers have had enough of Angel-Demon hijinks for one eternity. But just because they can't hang doesn't mean there won't be plenty of other immortals wreaking havoc in their stead. 

According to Deadline, Season 2 will see the return of many "Good Omens" cast members, including Derek Jacobi as Metatron, the spokesperson of God. Also returning are Mark Gatiss ("Sherlock"), Steve Pemberton ("The League of Gentlemen"), Reece Shearsmith ("Inside No. 9"), and Niamh Walsh ("The English Game"). And while each of these performers filled memorable roles in the debut season, Gaiman hinted that each returning actor doesn't confirm a reprised role — cast members may return in entirely new roles. Gaiman said:

"We are so thrilled that we were able to get so many fabulous actors to return to the 'Good Omens' family. Some of them are reprising roles, some of them are playing completely new characters. And we are just as thrilled by the people coming to the 'Good Omens' team for the first time. We have an ensemble cast of astonishing talent, and seeing what they're giving us is a daily treat. I can't wait until the rest of the world gets that treat, too."

Previously announced returners include Jon Hamm ("Mad Men"), Paul Adeyefa ("Ransom"), Michael McKean ("Better Call Saul"), Gloria Obianyo ("Dune"), Miranda Richardson ("Stronger"), Maggie Service ("Red Dwarf XI"), Reece Shearsmith ("Inside No. 9"), Nina Sosanya ("Killing Eve"), Doon Mackichan ("Toast of London"), Liz Carr ("The Witcher"), Quelin Sepulveda ("Havoc"), and Shelley Conn ("Terra Nova"). Season 2 also features newcomers Tim Downie ("Outlander"), Pete Firman (BBC's "The Magicians"), Andi Osho ("I May Destroy You"), and Alex Norton ("Pirates of the Caribbean").

So far, the season 2 story has been kept under tight wraps, which is particularly interesting because while the first season was based on a novel, the second comes from a story Gaiman and Pratchett planned but never released. Gaiman's description thus far has been inspired more questions than answers:

As "Good Omens" continues, we will be back in Soho, and all through time and space, solving a mystery which starts with one of the angels wandering through a Soho street market with no memory of who they might be, on their way to Aziraphale's bookshop. (Although our story actually begins about five minutes before anyone had got around to saying '"Let there be Light.")

Season 2 of "Good Omens" comes from writer Neil Gaiman and director Douglas Mackinnon, who also serve as co-showrunners.