Lindsay Lohan Is Teaming Up With Netflix For Two More Movies

Lindsay Lohan is back, baby! Just before the 2021 holiday season, we were given our first look at the upcoming Lohan starring rom-com, "Falling for Christmas," due out later this winter. Fans were thrilled! People cried in the streets! I finally got to put away the candle-lit Lindsay Lohan shrine in my closet I prayed to every night for a career resurgence! Okay, only one of those things is true, but Netflix clearly heard my prayers because Lindsay is starring in two more movies for the streaming giant. In case you aren't a ringer for the North Shore Mathletes like LiLo, that means we're getting a total of three Lindsay Lohan movies. God, what a great middle finger to all of the people who terrorized her in the tabloids after all these years.

"We're so happy with our collaboration with Lindsay to date, and we're thrilled to continue our partnership with her," said Christina Rogers, Netflix's director of independent film. "We look forward to bringing more of her films to our members around the world." The two-picture deal confirms that Lindsay Lohan is making a solid return to on-screen acting, having mostly appeared spontaneously in one-off television guest spots or small roles like on the show "Sick Note," judging on "The Masked Singer Australia," and the reality show "Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club." Bring on the Lohanaissance.

A well deserved return

In the wake of the #FreeBritney movement, it seems like society is finally ready to have the long-overdue conversation about how teen starlets were treated throughout the 1990s and 2000s. For those of you who weren't there or somehow forgot, it can best be described as Not Good™. If you need any further insight, here's a horrifically gross celebrity profile of Lohan in 2004 from a well-respected outlet, where there's a discussion about her barely 18-year-old possibly "fake" breasts in the subheader. A former teen queen, Lohan's personal life and family drama eclipsed her talent, and thanks to the surge in popularity of celebrity gossip blogging, Hollywood struggled to take her seriously.

Lohan has mostly stepped out of the limelight for a while now, but this two-picture deal feels like the start of a well-deserved career comeback. Lindsay Lohan is and has always been a gifted performer, and had the rest of the world not turned her personal troubles into a punchline, her career would have likely gone a lot differently. Netflix has yet to release any plot details about the planned two features, but with "Falling for Christmas" already on the way, maybe we'll get lucky and Lohan will join the ranks of the Netflix Christmas Universe.