Netflix Reveals First Look At Lindsay Lohan's Untitled Christmas Movie

Christmas came early this year! Back in May, we learned that Lindsay Lohan was set to star in a Christmas rom-com, courtesy of Netflix, our new holiday overlords. And while we won't actually get to enjoy this masterpiece for another year (ouch), we do get the gift of photographic evidence that it does in fact exist. So if Netflix tries to stiff us in 2022, we'll have the receipts locked and loaded! 

You can catch the first glimpse of the upcoming Lindsay Lohan flick below.

First Look at Lindsay Lohan's Christmas Movie

The still-untitled Christmas rom-com sees Lohan starring opposite Chord Overstreet, who you might recognize from "Glee." He played a dumb-blonde-type teenager who occasionally moonlighted as a stripper called "White Chocolate." While you might think such a nickname would eliminate him from ever playing a romantic lead, "Glee" has left Netflix and thus the minds of the masses, clearing space for Overstreet to make his triumphant return. Now he'll play a "handsome, blue-collar lodge owner" who comes to Lohan's rescue. Here's the brief synopsis we have so far:

"A newly engaged, spoiled hotel heiress (Lohan) gets into a skiing accident, suffers from total amnesia and finds herself in the care of a handsome, blue-collar lodge owner (Overstreet) and his precocious daughter in the days leading up to Christmas."

What a wondrous trove of clichés! 

In just a year's time, we'll get to see Lohan's spoiled heiress fall in love with some rando in flannel. He'll surely be handsome, semi-bearded, and resent her for valuing money instead of, I dunno, grass and pick-up trucks. Still, her antics will be hilarious and they'll fall in love. So what if he has trouble expressing his feelings? That's what his precocious daughter is for! Her matchmaking scheme is sure to be delightful.

Does the fact that we can outline the entire plot change anything? Of course not! I for one will spend the next year refreshing my Netflix page until they finally release the Lohan rom-com the world so desperately needs.

Although this latest addition to their holiday slate won't arrive until Christmas 2022, it says a lot that Netflix is getting yet another festive movie ready to go. They've really made a meal of the holiday rom-com, effectively stealing the thunder that once belonged to Hallmark and Lifetime. Did you need a Christmas rom-com about two friends falling in love? Or would you prefer two enemies falling in love? Bonus points if one of them has an unhinged Scottish accent! Not a rom-com person? How about a Santa Claus origin story narrated by Maggie Smith? Better yet, have a horror series about murderous elves! 

Netflix is really slipping into every possible Christmas movie niche they can find. Quick, someone go and check Hallmark's pulse!