A Castle For Christmas: Cary Elwes Does A Scottish Accent In Netflix's Latest Holiday Rom-Com

One of the many great things about Christmas movies is their titles: "A Castle For Christmas" is indeed, exactly what you're picturing. Brooke Shields plays a woman who journeys to Scotland to buy herself a castle ... for Christmas. And à la "A Christmas Prince," there's no point traveling to a European country and staying in a grand, gorgeous setting if you're not gonna fall in love too! So thanks to some elaborately orchestrated circumstances and the tried-and-true cliche of enemies to lovers, "A Castle For Christmas" sees Netflix continuing to embrace the holiday rom-com.

You can watch the full trailer below!

A Castle For Christmas Trailer

This just in — the accent police are on their way to arrest Cary Elwes! The British actor is playing a Scottish duke with the most insane accent you've ever heard and honestly, it just makes this movie look 1000% better. Did we mention it's directed by Mary Lambert, AKA the director of the 1989 "Pet Sematary"? Yeah, we're in for a ride.

In "A Castle For Christmas," Brooke Shields' Sophie Brown is an award-winning writer. But though she's written 11 best selling novels, her latest book is a massive flop. Despondent and unsure where her life is heading, she hops on a plane for Scotland to begin anew. It's not entirely apropos of nothing — she happens to discover an old castle with ties to her family history, so her venture across the pond offers a potential next chapter in her life. What's standing her way, you ask? None other than the very prickly owner of said castle, Cary Elwes' Duke Myles.

The standoffish property owner Myles isn't particularly thrilled about selling the castle, and certainly not to some random American woman. So he develops a scheme to sign the property over, with a 90-day escrow — meaning Sophie has to live in the castle, along with the duke, until Christmas. In the meantime, he'll try to scare her off from wanting the castle at all. So basically "A Castle For Christmas" is as cliche as an enemies-to-lovers story can get, with the pair living under the same roof and slowly warming up to each other just in time for Christmas festivities.

The trailer is an endless montage of all the classics — Sophie tripping into his arms and accidentally walking in on Myles in the bathroom, capped with some romantic holiday mood lighting and long, lingering looks. Netflix is really coming for Hallmark's money this year! For a while now, the streamer's been dipping their toes into the holiday movie pond with lots of new romcoms, including those in the Vanessa Hudgens cinematic universe. But now they're exploding onto the scene with an even more stacked line-up of movies and shows.

"A Castle For Christmas" is one of many new additions and comes to Netflix on November 26, 2021. You can read the official synopsis and check out the poster below.

Famed author Sophie Brown (Brooke Shields) travels to Scotland hoping to buy a small castle, but the prickly owner Duke Myles (Cary Elwes) is reluctant to sell to a foreigner. Working to find a compromise, the pair constantly butt heads, but they may just find something more than they were expecting.