Superhero Bits: The Batman Reviews Are Here, Andrew Garfield's Lack Of Future Spider-Man Plans & More

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In this edition of Superhero Bits:

  • "The Batman" reviews are extremely positive.

  • "Saturday Night Live" may have ruined a valuable comic.

  • The "Batgirl" movie may be arriving this year.

  • Bruce Campbell appears to confirm an MCU cameo.

  • All that and more!

Who is America Chavez video

Xochitl Gomez is set to bring America Chavez to life in this summer's "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." We've seen some of her in the trailers so far but for those who aren't overly familiar with the character, Marvel has put together the above video to help amend the situation. It serves as a brief yet reasonably comprehensive primer on the character, who figures to become a bigger part of the MCU going forward. Check it out for yourself above.

Get your name written in the style of The Batman

As indicated by the above tweet here, a new website has launched that will let fans write their name in the style of the logo for "The Batman," which finally hits theaters this weekend. For those who are looking to kill a few minutes whilst waiting to see the film, this could be an amusing way to do so. So, if you'd like to see what "Charles" or "Katie" looks like in brooding black and red, now is your chance to do just that.

Tony Stark and Jarvis unite

Robert Downey Jr. may no longer be a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but that doesn't mean he can't have fun with some former co-stars. Case in point, the actor recently shared the above photo of himself taking a hike with James D'Arcy, who played the original Jarvis on "Agent Carter" and briefly in "Avengers: Endgame." This is the man who would ultimately go on to inspire the operating system voiced by Paul Bettany, who would become the MCU's version of Vision. RDJ and D'Arcy didn't get to share any screen time, but they appear to be getting along just fine in the real world.

Is the Batgirl movie releasing this year?

Recently, Michael Keaton shared a little tease of his return as Batman in the "Batgirl" movie. That is a big deal. But the question remains as to when we are actually going to see the film arrive on HBO Max. Well, as reported by Heroic Hollywood, producer Michael E. Uslan may have answered that very question in a recent Facebook post. The producer shared the very same, shadowy image of Keaton's Batman with the caption, "And coming in November... December... or whenever... Michael Keaton Returns..." So, while he may not seem to know the exact date, it appears this may well be on DC's packed schedule for late 2022 as well.

Saturday Night Live might have ruined a valuable Spider-Man comic

This weekend's episode of Saturday Night Live saw John Mulaney host, joining the five-timer's club in the process. But he also might have destroyed a little piece of comic book history along the way. As noted by Comic Book Resources, the above sketch about Nickelodeon seems to feature "The Amazing Spider-Man" $194, which serves as the first appearance of Black Cat. She has been a key character in Spider-Man's rogues gallery ever since. However, the book gets slimed in the sketch and seemingly ruined. If it is indeed a first-edition copy, that is a pretty tough thing to watch, as the book can easily go for $500 or $600, if not much more. 

Bruce Campbell all but confirms his Doctor Strange 2 cameo

During a recent Q&A with Bruce Campbell that was shared on Reddit, the actor appeared to confirm what we've all pretty much known for some time; he is going to have a cameo in "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." The actor is great friends with director Sam Raimi, as the two have worked together dating all the way back to "The Evil Dead." During the interview, Campbell said the following:

"The deal with Doctor Strange is interesting. A majority of the film was reshot extensively, so I have no idea what's in there and what isn't. I did a cool scene with a character that's been beloved for years, and... we'll have to see what ends up in the movie. I don't know if its still in there. It's a pretty cool part."

So who is this hero? Is it Doctor Strange? Another of the many heroes seemingly set to appear? Time will tell, so long as this scene didn't wind up on the cutting room floor as a result of the extensive reshoots.

The Batman debuts with heroically good reviews

The review embargo for "The Batman" lifted today and, thus far, the word has been quite good on director Matt Reeves' take on the DC hero, played by Robert Pattinson. As we can see in the above Instagram post, the folks at Rotten Tomatoes have calculated things and, as of this writing, it boasts a super solid 91% approval rating. Our own Chris Evangelista wrote a glowing review, saying this may well be the best "Batman" movie to date. We'll see how the world at large feels as the movie hits theaters on Friday.

Andrew Garfield has no plans to return as Spider-Man ... for now

Given how publicly Andrew Garfield lied about his return in "Spider-Man: No Way Home," it is going to be tough to believe him ever again when he talks about his future with the character. That being said, in a recent interview with Variety, the actor was asked about the possibility of suiting up again following his recent return, saying the following:

"No plans, that's the truth... Everyone's gonna call me a liar for the rest of my life. I'm the boy who cried wolf."

That may well be the truth, though it is worth pointing out that Garfield has also said he would be willing to return as Spider-Man once again under the right circumstances. With "No Way Home" now ranking as one of the highest-grossing movies ever, it wouldn't be tough to see Sony going down that road. And Tom Holland has also said he'd like to see "The Amazing Spider-Man 3," for whatever that may be worth.

The Batman gets an official LEGO poster

Lastly, today brings another little bit of goodness for "The Batman" in the form of an official LEGO version of the film's poster. Instead of having Robert Pattinson's Dark Knight at the center, we have a LEGO Batman in the midst of a sea of dark red and black. This is a pretty interesting and fun contrast, given how lighthearted "The LEGO Batman Movie" was, whereas this new take on the character seems particularly grounded and dark. In any event, it's a fun little bit of marketing leading up to the release this weekend.