Every Song We Heard In Peacemaker Episode 8

It has all been building to this. After some wild and highly emotional ups and downs for Christopher Smith, we've reached the climax and conclusion of "Peacemaker" season 1. It was so jam-packed with action that there wasn't really much room for any more obscure characters that are surprisingly canon now, but there was one last superhero fetish revelation and a few incredibly unexpected cameos.

And of course, as usual, there were some sick tunes. A James Gunn project wouldn't be complete without the appropriate jams. The track list is short for the season finale, but theses songs still make an impact. And taking a page out of the musical theater handbook, this episode even features a notable reprise.

So without further ado, let's press play one more time.

Episode 8: It's Cow or Never

Track 1: "If You Really Really Love Me" by Steel Panther

The episode opens with the 11th Street Kids in the mobile veterinary unit. Adebayo tries to apologize to Chris for planting the journal in his house, but he and Adrian silence her with fart noises. The gag goes on until Peacemaker has enough and expresses his great disappointment that someone that he considered to be such a good friend has betrayed him. Vigilante tries to revive the bit, but Peacemaker shuts it down by reiterating his vow of peace. In classic Vigilante fashion, he brings up this all-time classic run of hanging with his best friends and killing people being ruined by bad vibes.

Track 2: "Do Ya Wanna Taste It" By Wig Wam

Though we just heard this track at the top of this episode and each episode prior, we're treated to one last encore from Wig Wam at 23:00. After using the sonic boom helmet to cause structural damage to the cow's facility, Vigilante, Harcourt, and Peacemaker go in guns blazing to take out the remaining butterflies and deal the final blow to the cow. Lots of bone-crunching, blood-spewing action during this scene as "Do Ya Wanna Taste It" blares in the background. Adebayo and Economos hang back, but when Adrian and Emilia go down, Leota heroically runs in to save her teammates just as a butterfly is about to inhabit Harcourt. A fitting sendoff for Wig Wam, who have been just as much a part of this season as all the characters, and a very badass moment for Leota Adebayo.

Track 3: "Apologize" by The Last Vegas

When Peacemaker tells Adebayo, "Don't tell V, but after Eagly, you're my BFF" at 38:50, this track kicks off a montage that catches up with the rest of the team in the aftermath of Project Butterfly. Adebayo holds a press conference to clear Peacemaker's name and reveals the existence of Task Force X. She also throws her mother, Amanda Waller, under the bus by calling for the government to conduct an investigation on her and this program that takes time off of vicious supervillains' prison sentences.

Meanwhile, despite his name also being cleared by Leota, Vigilante jumps out of a hospital window to escape after being treated for his wounds. Harcourt wakes up after her severe injuries have been addressed and she shares a tender moment with Smith. Then, the Adebayo family (including the adorable dogs) have a tender reunion of their own. Economos sets up shop in Belle Reve, potentially fulfilling his comic book counterpart's calling of becoming the warden. And Judomaster finally makes it to the compound where the cow was being held, but he arrives to sight of dead butterflies.

Track 4: "You Can't Kill My Rock 'n Roll" by Hardcore Superstar

To show the passage of time, Peacemaker and Vigilante are up to their old tricks as they blow up more things in the woods. Harcourt is seen at physical therapy as she re-acclimates to walking again. And Butterfly Goff, who was spared during the butterfly massacre by Peacemaker, shows up to Smith's trailer.

The season ends with Goff happily partaking in some leftover honey from their last visit on the front porch, courtesy of Chris. Eagly flies off to retrieve some food for his BFF, which will likely go uneaten as usual, but it's still a nice gesture. And as Peacemaker sits down next to his animal friends, he sees the manifestation of his dead father on the porch with him. Clearly, as we saw in the woods while the team looked for the sonic boom helmet, killing the White Dragon had some residual psychological effects on Peacemaker. Unfortunately, that's something we'll have to explore in the second season (whenever James Gunn finds time in his extremely busy schedule to get that done). For now, we cut to black and hear this last killer track of the season play over the credits. 

Now that this chapter of Peacemaker's story is complete, you can find the full official "Peacemaker" playlist on Spotify, where all these songs (and the rest of the songs you heard this season) are currently available. You can also rewatch all eight episodes of this show, along with Peacemaker's introduction to the DCEU in "The Suicide Squad," on HBO Max.