Animated Better Call Saul Spin-Off Slippin' Jimmy Reveals Cast

The "Breaking Bad" universe just keeps getting bigger. "Better Call Saul" was the first spin-off of "Breaking Bad," and it took the shyster Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), a supporting character from the world of teacher-turned-meth-kingpin Walter White (Bryan Cranston), and made him into the star of his own well-received show (similar to what "Frasier" once did with a certain "Cheers" character in the sitcom world). We also saw Walter's partner in crime, Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) return in "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie." Now we've reached the point where even the spin-offs are getting spin-offs, as "Better Call Saul" has its own animated series coming this spring.

The news that "Better Call Saul" has wrapped production on its sixth and final season and set premiere dates for the two parts of it may have some viewers missing Jimmy McGill, the once and future Saul, already. Yet it comes with the news (per Variety) that AMC has three new short-form series related to "Better Call Saul" in the pipeline. One of those is "Slippin' Jimmy," a six-episode animated series that "follows the misadventures of a young Jimmy McGill and his childhood friends in Chicago." It will reportedly be "told in the style of classic 70s-era cartoons," with each episode functioning as "an ode to a specific movie genre — from spaghetti westerns and Buster Keaton to 'The Exorcist.'"

Starburns Industries, the production service behind the first two seasons of "Rick and Morty," will handle the animation for "Slippin' Jimmy," which will be written by "Better Call Saul" scribes Ariel Levine and Kathleen Williams-Foshee. The voice cast includes Chi McBride (who voiced Nick Fury in the recent "Ultimate Spider-Man" animated series), Laraine Newman ("3Below: Tales of Arcadia"), and Sean Giambrone ("Solar Opposites").

A Demon-Possessed Jimmy McGill?

AMC also has new episodes of the "Better Call Saul Employee Training Video" series on tap, as well as another short-form digital series called "Cooper's Bar," starring Rhea Seehorn. Beyond Seehorn's presence, "Cooper's Bar" does not sound like it will be connected to "Better Call Saul," as she is playing a different character — an "awful Hollywood executive" who frequents a neighborhood bar — and not fan-favorite Kim Wexler in that series.

"Slippin' Jimmy" is the nickname that became attributed to Jimmy McGill when he took on the life of a con artist, staging slip-and-fall accidents. From the description of this animated series, it sounds like it will be a prequel to the prequel that is "Better Call Saul," venturing even further back in time to when Jimmy was a kid in Chicago. The idea of having episodes themed to different movie genres is an interesting one, and I can't even imagine what an "Exorcist"-themed episode of a Jimmy McGill animated series would look like. Maybe the young Jimmy devises a scheme to convince someone he's possessed by a demon like Regan MacNeil?

"El Camino" is often regarded as a neo-Western, so a spaghetti Western-style episode isn't quite as hard to imagine. Buster Keaton's physical comedy might also lend itself well to a kid running a slip-and-fall scam on people.

"Slippin' Jimmy" is headed your way this spring.