Every Song We Heard In Peacemaker Episode 7

This article contains spoilers for "Peacemaker" episode 7. Proceed with caution.

It's time to take a break from tongue-kissing hot babes and smoking pot all day because there's a new episode of "Peacemaker" on HBO Max. This season's penultimate episode hits you right in the feels thanks to some huge revelations about White Dragon and Peacemaker's past. Plus, there's that major death scene that definitely was a shot to the heart, Bon Jovi style. And James Gunn is to blame!

But as you comfortingly rock yourself back and forth in the corner of your room while you wait for next week's finale, here's all the music from this week's episode of "Peacemaker."

Episode 7: Stop Dragon My Heart Around

Track 1: "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue

The episode opens with a musical callback to last week's moment of peace for Peacemaker. You know, that one solitary moment that he gets to relax and play the piano before everything hits the fan? But instead of hearing John Cena's impressive piano version, we hear the OG version of Motley Crue's "Home Sweet Home." It plays over a flashback featuring a young Chris Smith rocking out with his brother, Keith. While the Smith brothers bond over records, they get called out to a dirt pit where their s***bag dad and his friends are ready to watch them fight.

However, as we've seen alluded to throughout the season, things quickly take a turn for the worst. Chris punches Keith in the face, which causes the older sibling to have a seizure. Auggie Smith and his gnarly mullet rush over to their son, but it's too late and he blames Christopher for Keith's death.

Track 2: "In My Dreams" by Wig Wam

After hearing them in the show's opening credits sequence every week, Wig Wam returns with a different song this week at 9:29. After seeing the Butterfly-controlled Evergreen PD on TV, Peacemaker drags Economos and Vigilante along to pursue the cow without the others. In the van, Smith rocks out to this track, much to the chagrin of Economos. Noticing the look on his teammate's face, Peacemaker asks, "Are you insinuating that there is a right time and a wrong time to rock?"

Meanwhile, thanks to the tracking device in the Peacemaker helmets, White Dragon's minions are hot on their tail. That is, until the incorrigible villain decides to ram into the van in an effort to kill his son and his pals.

Track 3: "Don't Close Your Eyes" by Kix

After blowing himself up with a grenade of some sort while trying to incapacitate White Dragon, Vigilante steals the white supremacists' car to get away. But he's taken too much damage and passes out while driving as this song plays around 15:18.

Track 4: "Hot Cherie" by Hardline

Down the road and out of the woods after throwing off White Dragon's crew, Jon and Chris reunite with a passed out Adrian, who is on the side of the road, but safe. The trio try to make a getaway and turns up this track at 20:11. However, it appears that this is possibly the wrong time to rock because Vigilante threw Peacemaker's extra helmets in the trunk because he thought they were expensive. Good friend, bad timing.

Track 5: "By The Grace of God" by The Hellacopters

For most of the episode, all the songs were allotted for Peacemaker, Vigilante, and Economos' storyline. While all that was happening, Adebayo and Harcourt had their hands full with Judomaster and the Evergreen PD. Unfortunately, their troubles got the best of them and Murn became a casualty of this wild and crazy war.

Free from danger at the moment, the whole team reunites at an animal hospital because Eagly needs medical attention after his run in with White Dragon. But don't worry! Peacemaker avenged his best friend by finally taking out his father once and for all, no matter how difficult it was.

With Murn gone, the team decides to band together one last time to complete the mission despite all the bad blood. They elect Harcourt as their new team leader and they load up a mobile veterinary clinic to pursue the cow and take care of business. Around 32:35, Economos turns up this track, to the surprise of Harcourt, and declares definitively, "There's no wrong time to rock."

Track 6: "Set The Night on Fire" by Pretty Boy Floyd

The Butterflies are onto Peacemaker and his team's plans, so they're preparing for one final battle. Part of this preparation includes protecting the cow, which we finally see onscreen for the first time. And my oh my was that something that I wasn't fully prepared for. Just as you settle into that final image of the cow, the screen cuts to black and this track plays over the credits at 36:47.

Next time we bring you the music of "Peacemaker," it'll be for the season finale. Business is about to pick up and it's sure to be a slobberknocker. But until then, you can find the official "Peacemaker" playlist on Spotify, where all these songs are currently available. It will be updated every week with the songs from new episodes that debut Thursdays on HBO Max.