Every Song We Heard In Peacemaker Episode 6

This article contains spoilers for "Peacemaker" episode 6. Proceed with caution.

Don't have a cow, man. "Peacemaker" is back with another awesome episode. And if you're concerned about an appearance from The Flash, don't worry. Like everyone else that's ever met him, Christopher Smith also thought he was an unbearable d-bag and kept him on The CW. That's probably for the best though because the s**t really hits the fan this week.

By the time this episode is over, Peacemaker finally knows the whole story with the butterflies. But he also has a few other problems that he has to deal with now too. Even though Vigilante would probably call this week's chapter a den of scorpions better left running from, not towards, it's time to run in helmet-first into the last moment of peace before the third act kicks in with a vengeance. And even though there's a lot more action than music this time around, there's still some excellent tunes to charge into battle with. 

Episode 6: Murn After Reading

Track 1: "New Thing" by Enuff Z'Nuff

As much as it pains Detectives Song and Fitzgibbon, the Evergreen Police Department is forced to let White Dragon go free. As Auggie Smith reveals that he's going to eliminate his son once and for all, this track begins to play around 9:54. It continues as Peacemaker returns home after show and tell to feed Eagly and Butterfly Goff. 

Back at Team Peacemaker HQ, Adebayo, Harcourt, and Economos try to reconcile the fact that their team leader is a butterfly. Based on Harcourt's logic, Murn has helped them far too many times to be on the opposing side, who are actually looking to take over the world.

Track 2: "Monster" by Reckless Love

After Butterfly Goff (who turns out to be the leader of the butterflies) escaped captivity from Peacemaker and Vigilante's jar, she takes over Detective Song's body. Using Evergreen PD resources, she puts out a call to the other butterflies that their time has come. At 33:25, she meets a delegation of butterflies and leads them into the police station to take over every body available. They're building an army ahead of their big final push towards world domination. This whole bloody scene might have the highest body count of the series so far since the butterflies kill all the officers and prisoners in order to take control of their bodies.

Meanwhile, Auggie Smith is also building up an army. But instead of alien brain-inhabiting aliens, he assembles his racist, white hood-wearing troglodytes to help him track down Peacemaker while he suits up with all his White Dragon gear.

Track 3: "Home Sweet Home" by Motley Crue

Before they embark on their final(?) mission, Harcourt engraves a Dove of Peace on a weapon for Peacemaker. He admits to her that he's having second thoughts about killing people so freely anymore. Before she goes into a whole speech about how they need him for this plan to work, he says, "No, I'm fine killing aliens. Especially bug ones." At the end of this exchange, there's finally a breakthrough in their relationship when Harcourt finally reveals her first name to him: Emilia.

With the rest of the team making final preparations, Chris sits down at the piano at 41:34 to play "Home Sweet Home" by the legendary rock band Motley Crue. It's a deep reflection of how he's feeling in this moment. After going through so much with this team and his dad, he feels at home with this found family. As the lyrics say, "Just take this song and you'll never feel left all alone." Peacemaker just has this true moment of peace at the piano, but as you could have probably guessed, it doesn't last long.

Track 4: "Kiss Me Deadly" by Lita Ford

Immediately after he finishes playing the song, the newly butterfly-infused Evergreen PD unveil Peacemaker's diary on television. Yep, the one planted by Leota Adebayo under orders from Amanda Waller. His teammate, friend, and confidant.


As the credits roll at 44:46, we hear the final track of the episode. While there weren't many songs on the soundtrack this week, each one was extremely meaningful. With only two episodes left, I imagine that the drama, along with the intensity of the playlist, will be turned up to 11.

You can find the official "Peacemaker" playlist on Spotify, where all these songs are currently available. It will be updated every week with the songs from new episodes that debut Thursdays on HBO Max.