Every Song We Heard In Peacemaker Episode 5

This article contains spoilers for "Peacemaker" episode five. Proceed with caution.

Eat peace, motherf***ers! It's that time again for another hearty helping of "Peacemaker." With a new episode on HBO Max comes more exciting new jams from acclaimed filmmaker and top-tier mixtape maker James Gunn. So here are a few more to add to your playlist to rock out to throughout your day. That is when you're not trying to master the steps from the show's opening credits sequence

If you like Hanoi Rocks, you're certainly in for a treat this week because the band that Chris Smith calls the "original glam metal" takes center stage in this episode. They're present numerous times in this week's soundtrack, almost like a character themselves. It's all really sweet actually. Almost as sweet as that man and that monkey being friends in Economos' PowerPoint presentation. So continue onward to find out where the chart-topping Finnish rock band factors into the fifth episode of "Peacemaker."

Episode 5: Monkey Dory

Track 1: "Fight Song" by Sister Sin

The Peacemaker Posse (patent pending) is ready for another field trip, this time it's to Glan Tai Bottling Company. After a business card was found in the Goff house, Adebayo realized that they had seen the logo before. That's because Annie Sturphausen worked there. Now, the team is heading there to investigate. At 11:52, Chris blasts this track from the van radio, but Harcourt as the driver quickly vetoes the pick.

Track 2: "11th Street Kids" by Hanoi Rocks

After some talk about their mission and deep states, Smith and Economos bond over Hanoi Rocks. Naturally, "11th Street Kids" is the next song on the playlist at 14:24. Only a mere 20 seconds later, they arrive at their destination and Harcourt takes a little joy in turning off the radio.

After they fight their way out of the bottling plant filled with butterflies, the track kicks in again at 26:19 with the successful team jamming out in the van. Everyone is bloody and bruised from the battle with a butterfly-controlled gorilla, but they're happily singing along. Even Harcourt comes around to the hair metal and she marks the occasion by snapping a quick picture.

The song sneaks in one more time around 31:49. Harcourt creates a group chat labeled "11th Street Kids" and sends the picture from earlier to everyone on the team. Yay team bonding!

Track 3: "Sick Adrenaline" by The Cruel Intentions

This track plays at 15:52 when Detectives Song and Fitzgibbon learn that White Dragon was actually telling the truth about the fingerprints. They return to the apartment building to question Evan and Amber about their testimony. It doesn't take very much convincing for Evan to spill the beans that Peacemaker was the one who actually held them hostage.

Track 4: "The Both of Us" by House of Lords

Back at headquarters, Team Peacemaker recounts their harrowing tale to Agent Murn. He's proud of the work they've done and the new intel they've gathered, so he tells them to head out and rest. They worked hard, now they can play hard. So as they walk out the door, this track plays at 30:26. Also, Vigilante expresses his jealousy to Peacemaker on the way out that Economos got to kill the gorilla with a chainsaw and he didn't.

Track 5: "How Come It Never Rains" by The Dogs D'Amour

Adebayo gives Peacemaker a ride home after the mission and he invites her in for a drink. After being initially hesitant, she joins him for a "Peace Train" around 33:52 as they jam out to this track. This drink of Chris' creation includes gin, vermouth, vinegar, peppercorn, a little maple syrup, and yak butter. Actually, normal butter since it's hard to come by yak butter in Evergreen. After tasting it, Leota calls it a "feces drink" and attempts to spit it out.  

Track 6: "Fallen Star" by Hanoi Rocks

When they switch to beer and head to the living room, they start talking openly and bonding as friends. But at 37:48, while Chris is peeing, Leota betrays that bond of friendship by carrying out the mission given to her by Amanda Waller, which involves planting the forged diary in Peacemaker's trailer. She expresses remorse alone in the car immediately after when she leaves a message on Keeya's voicemail.

The most interesting thing about this song choice is that Hanoi Rocks is used throughout this episode to bring the team closer together. They're all starting to trust each other and function as an actual team. But Hanoi Rocks is also the soundtrack to their downfall, specifically the disintegration of Peacemaker and Adebayo's relationship. He trusted her from the very beginning and even though it didn't seem like she would do it, she still completed her mission regardless of who it would hurt in the long run. Like mother, like daughter.

Track 7: "The Human Paradox" by Dynazty

From Peacemaker's trailer, Adebayo goes back to HQ because she can't sleep. Agent Murn is still there doing work. At 39:33 when the faint beginnings of this song can be heard, she tries on the x-ray vision helmet and looks around the room. Then at about 40:00, when the track kicks into full gear, Adebayo looks at Murn and sees that he's a butterfly. He chases her out of the office and we cut to the credits before we find out what happens to Leota. Cliffhanger!

You can find the official "Peacemaker" playlist on Spotify, where all these songs are currently available. It will be updated every week with the songs from new episodes that debut Thursdays on HBO Max.