Thandiwe Newton May Join The Cast Of The Next Magic Mike

The cast of the upcoming (and if the title is to be believed, final) "Magic Mike" movie has been growing (and/or showing) and it's making us feel a certain kind of way. When we first reported on "Magic Mike's Last Dance," there was no word on who would be joining the cast outside of Channing Tatum, who has been gyrating and thrusting as "Magic" Mike Lane since the first film debuted in 2012. But Thandiwe Newton is apparently throwing her tear away clothes into the ring and we couldn't be more excited to see how she shakes up the world of male stripping.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Newton is still in the negotiating stages of joining the "Magic Mike's Last Dance" team, which includes director Steven Soderbergh, writer Reid Carolin, and producer Gregory Jacobs. Newton is one of the first fresh faces to be announced for "Last Dance," as most of the core crew, including Soderbergh and Carolin, worked on the previous two "Magic Mike" movies. While it's equal parts fun and sweet to see this "Magic Mike" reunion happen in real time, it's also nice to know that some new characters will be bringing some new blood to this invigorating franchise.

It's Not Bro Time, It's Show Time

If anyone can shake things up, it's Newton. She's an incredibly talented actress who has a casual three Emmy nominations under her belt, but her role in HBO's "Westworld" might be the perfect prep for her yet-to-be-announced lead character. While we don't know exactly who she'll be playing, her role as the android/madam Maeve Millay in "Westworld" makes it very easy to imagine Newton pulling the strings and running the strip crew in "Magic Mike's Last Dance." Or maybe she'll run a rival strip crew? Or maybe she'll be on stage gyrating the night away? The possibilities are endless, and they all sound delightful. No matter what nonsense Newton and Tatum get themselves into with this third movie, I can't wait to behold the power of their combined charisma and chemistry.

Speaking of "Westworld," the next "Magic Mike" movie will be streaming solely on HBO, so you might want to start planning that party. I'd recommend garishly colored cocktails with horrible pun names, bachelorette-esque party supplies (you know what I'm talking about), and maybe even a surprise appearance from a local male strip crew? Since we don't know when "Magic Mike's Last Dance" will hit your queue, you have plenty of time to make this bash just as wild as we're sure the last movie will be. Until then, there's HBO's "Finding Magic Mike," which hits HBO Max on December 16, 2021, and looks surprisingly sweet.