DC League Of Super Pets Trailer: Meet Krypto And The Team

New DC content is coming down the pike, and it's adorable. "DC League of Super-Pets" is an upcoming animated comedy film, co-written and directed by Jared Stern, and co-directed by Sam Levine. The feature is based on the DC Comics team, the Legion of Super-Pets (created by Jerry Siegel and artist Curt Swan). Screenwriter John Whittington, who previously collaborated with Stern on the Netflix series "Green Eggs and Ham," penned the screenplay.

"DC League of Super-Pets" marks the second tag-team between DC Entertainment and Warner Animation Group after "The Lego Batman Movie" in 2017. The synopsis: Superman's dog Krypto (Dwayne Johnson) teams up with a flying cat and other heroes' pets to stop crime while Superman is on vacation. The crime-fighting coalition includes Krypto the Superdog; Ace the Bat-hound; Wonder Woman's pig, P.B.; Supergirl's cat, Streaky; Merton the turtle; and Chip the squirrel.

The film's voice cast includes Johnson (who is also credited as producer on the film under his Seven Bucks Productions banner), Kevin Hart, Kate McKinnon, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne, Diego Luna, and Keanu Reeves. "DC League of Super Pets" is produced by Warner Animation Group, DC Entertainment, and A Stern Talking To, with Warner Bros. Pictures handling distribution. 

DC League of Super-Pets Trailer

So far we know that Marc Maron is voicing the quintessential Superman villain Lex Luthor, and that comedian Kevin Hart is on the team as Ace the Bat-Hound, Batman's criminal-catching dog — who, in the trailer, gets dubbed "Indestructa-Hound" because of his superpowers. While Krypto is already living a comfortable life as Superman's pet, the other animals are apparently ownerless and get caught up in a superpower-inducing incident at an animal shelter. Perhaps they'll find homes with members of the Justice League by the time the credits roll.

The original Super-Pets membership included Krypto, Streaky, Beppo the Super-Monkey, and Comet the Super-Horse — part of various pet leagues that have aided their respective hero masters over the decades, so there are plenty of talking, super-powered animals (and even a couple of alien pets) to pull from.

Stern is a solid choice for the director's chair, as his handling of Dr. Seuss' "Green Eggs and Ham" has made for a hilarious and heartfelt adapted series on Netflix. Levine is more unproven with two series to really speak for him, "Robot and Monster," and "Penn Zero: Part Time Hero," but the pair are fully qualified to tell stories about powerful animals and hero familiars. John Whittington is an exciting name to see due to his role in writing the screenplay for "Sonic the Hedgehog 2," a sequel to a film that holds a surprising amount of charm for a video game adaptation.

"DC League of Super-Pets" releases in U.S. theaters on May 20, 2022.