Marvel's Hit-Monkey Potential Season 2 Plans Teased By Creators [Exclusive]

In a Marvel curveball, the Daniel Way and Dalibor Talajić digital comic "Hit-Monkey," about a Japanese macaque who trains in martial arts and goes on a spree of vengeance to destroy the humans who killed his family, has gotten a series adaptation on Hulu. The showrunners aren't waiting for the show to drop later this week before teasing their excitement to keep the party going.

The show's premise entails an unjust Japanese snow monkey, Hit-Monkey, who is mentored by an American assassin's ghost while he works his way through Tokyo's criminal underbellies. The synopsis doesn't really matter; it's all a means to an end, and that end is a gun-toting assassin monkey with a wisecracking ghost mentor. The monkey of the title is voiced by the legendary Fred Tatasciore, and Jason Sudeikis stars as Bryce, the spectral mentor. George Takei, Olivia Munn, Ally Maki, and Nobi Nakanishi round out the cast of the animated Hulu series.

/Film's Ryan Scott sat down for an interview with the Hit-Monkey creators Will Speck and Josh Gordon, where they joked about their high hopes. "We thought we were going to go at least 30 seasons," laughs Speck. The showrunner talked about developing a series versus a feature, and where the show could go from here.

TV is such a funny thing, right? You always have to keep an eye on wrapping up that season so that it can be its own complete thing. And then you're also always thinking about where will it go. The great thing about the Marvel TV ethos was, don't worry about tomorrow. Just literally tell the story that you want to tell and don't water it down. Don't tread water. Literally, if you burn out the story three episodes in, then just make up a new story and keep going, but keep it interesting, keep it alive. Versus a lot of TV which is like, how do we keep all these characters moving forward, but not so much that we burn the season out too quickly. That wasn't the ethos from them. It was just, go for it.

More Where That Came From

No second season has been announced for "Hit-Monkey," and it wasn't promised when the show was originally greenlit. As such, the showrunners aimed for a more comprehensive, standalone season in case that was all she wrote. But Speck hangs onto some optimism and made sure to leave things interesting enough to have fans clamoring for the story to continue:

What we ended up doing was, we ended up being able to model the whole first season, really more on a feature model. So it really does tell a full, complete story beginning, middle, and end. But then it really does hint at where the story could go in New York and all the other layers that I think certainly Bryce, Monkey, and in our minds, Haruka and Akika, who really would've gone forward and will go forward into New York, how those characters could have future storylines.

"Hit-Monkey" arrives on Hulu November 17, 2021.