Marvel's Hit-Monkey Trailer Brings The Murderin' Macaque To Hulu

The folks over at Marvel have thousands of superheroes at their disposal, but we didn't expect to get a series about this one anytime soon. Hulu will be the streaming home for Marvel's "Hit-Monkey," an adult cartoon series about a Japanese macaque who learns martial arts and goes on a rip-roaring tale of revenge to destroy the humans who killed his family. Watch the first trailer for the wild new animated series below.

Hit-Monkey Trailer

The character of Hit-Monkey was created by writer Daniel Way and artist Dalibor Talajić for a digital comic about the savage simian, though he soon made appearances in "Deadpool," "Howling Commandos of S.H.I.E.L.D.," and even "Old Man Logan."

The animated series is the brainchild of creators, showrunners, and executive producers Josh Gordon and Will Speck. The two are best known for directing the 2007 ice skating comedy "Blades of Glory" and 2016's "Office Christmas Party." The series will reunite them with "Office Christmas Party" stars Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Munn, who are both voicing major roles.

To help people figure out what's going on in the trailer, Marvel published an article explaining each of the characters a bit more. Monkey's description reads more like an official synopsis, and says:

Monkey's peaceful existence in the Japanese alps is shattered by the tragic loss of his tribe—setting him on a course of revenge and violence in the very world of humans that are responsible for his plight. He's a killer of killers with a bit of a rage problem. Throughout the series, he must learn to navigate the struggle between his inherently sweet nature and the evil acts he must commit. It's through his complicated friendship with the Ghost of Bryce (a former assassin and now, Monkey's unwanted conscience), that will determine whether Monkey will be consumed by his rage or channel it for good. This is the story of Hit-Monkey.

Who's Who in Hit-Monkey

Veteran voice actor Fred Tatasciore will star as Monkey, and he's joined by a talented cast of comedians.

"Ted Lasso" star Jason Sudeikis will voice Bryce, the world-weary assassin who ends up dead in Monkey's mountains and becomes tied in a revenge quest with the peeved primate. Because he's a ghost, you see.

"Star Trek" legend George Takei will voice Shinji, a life-long public servant who has been the man behind the political career of Ken Takahara, his friend and mentor. When tragedy strikes, he must carry their political dreams forward and run for Prime Minister of Japan. Shinji is the kind of truly honest, good politician that might only exist in fiction. Former "Daily Show" correspondent and actress Olivia Munn will voice Shinji's niece Akiko.

"Toy Story 4" star Ally Maki will voice Haruka, an honest cop from a small town in the north who comes to Tokyo with dreams of reforming a corrupt city. Her partner, Ito, is the laughing stock of the Tokyo Police Department, and he's the only one who thinks Hit-Monkey might be one of the good guys. Ito will be voiced by Nobi Nakanishi, best known for playing young Katashi on TV's "Teen Wolf."

All 10 episodes of Hit-Monkey premiere on November 17, 2021, exclusively on Hulu.