Intertwined Trailer: A New Time Travel Series Now Streaming On Disney+

While the Disney+ Day 2021 extravaganza was filled with plenty of announcements of upcoming projects, it also included some immediate special releases available to stream right now on Disney+. 

One of those series is the Argentinian time-travel musical, "Intertwined (Entrelazados)." Starring Carolina Domenech as Allegra alongside Clara Alonso, Manuela Menéndez, Elena Roger, and Lucila Gandolfo, the series was originally filmed in Spanish and dubbed in English specifically for Disney+. You can check out the official synopsis below:

Allegra dreams of joining the Eleven O'Clock music hall company to be the protagonist of "Freaky Friday," the play that made her grandma famous many years ago. Her grandmother, Cocó, is a living legend of the musical theater and has a complicated relationship with Caterina, Allegra's mother. Allegra's life changes drastically when she finds a mysterious bracelet at home. The bracelet takes her to 1994, the year Caterina was her age and was starting her career in Eleven O'Clock while she lived in Cocó's shadow (Cocó was a star at the peak of her career by then). Will Allegra be able to change the past?

Although the stage production of "Freaky Friday" didn't exist until 2016, it's a cute touch to include it as the connective tissue of a story centered on intergenerational drama and a daughter learning to walk a mile in her mother's shoes. While most Disney+ series release new episodes week by week, all ten episodes of "Intertwined (Entrelazados)" season 1 are available for streaming on Disney+

Intertwined (Entrelazados) Trailer

Apparently 1994 is the new 1985, as the time jump of "Intertwined (Entrelazados)" brings us to the same period as "Fear Street: 1994." The trailer definitely looks to harness some of the "Freaky Friday" energy, but set in the world of musical theater allowing the grown up "High School Musical" fan within us all to shine. It's a shame that there wasn't more hype surrounding this release on Disney+ Day, and hopefully the series won't get swallowed up by the bigger named releases and announcements.

The series also seems to have a bit of "Halloweentown" energy (shout out to my fellow DCOM lovers), dealing with three generations of women with the granddaughter wanting to follow in the footsteps of the grandmother, and the grandmother having a sordid relationship with the mother. It may be a pretty common Disney trope at this point — but hey, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If English dubs aren't your thing, fortunately Disney+ does have the series available in its native Spanish language with subtitles.

"Intertwined (Entrelazados)" is now streaming on Disney+.