The Boys Roasts Disney With A 'Vought+ Day' Video

The marketing team for Amazon Prime's "The Boys" deserves a massive raise. Not only have they created the hilarious "Seven on 7" faux-Fox News clips to promote the upcoming season, but now they've roasted the competition in a quick promo video on Twitter. 

Poking fun at Disney's "Disney+ Day," where the streamer shared news and new content, the short clip shows the supes of the Seven talking up everything great about Vought+, a fictional streaming service. Homelander (Antony Starr) opens up the video with his typical creepy charm, Brave Maeve and Starlight (Dominique McElligott and Erin Moriarty) promote a category just for women, A-Train (Jesse Usher) shows off the new sports side of the streamer, and Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) just holds up some signs, which is probably for the best. 

A Fun Faux-Commercial Taking Shots at the House of Mouse

The video was shared on Twitter with the caption "Happy Vought+ Day! Here's a look at what's coming up from America's favorite streaming platform. Sign up now before the subscription increase next week," making fun of the fact that Disney offered a subscription deal in advance of their special day. Some of the Disney+ Day content is completely behind the streaming services' paywall, which makes it seem like they were trying to get people to pay to watch commercials. 

The video also skewers the entertainment titan's attempts at diversifying, with a "Vtv: Television for Women" segment and a segment with A-Train highlighting the achievements of Black superheroes and stories. It's an incredibly on-the-nose satire that almost feels too real to be funny. From what viewers of "The Boys" know about Vought, any promises of progressiveness are only lip service. This is the company that forced Maeve out of the closet because they needed an LGBTQ+ superhero, after all. The team behind Vought only cares about optics, not their supes or their fans. While Disney might not be the only superhero-entertainment powerhouse, they are definitely the biggest. 

We still don't have a premiere date for "The Boys" season 3, but here's hoping that them ramping up promotional materials means it's coming sooner than later. The series, based on the comic series by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, is a brutal satire on superhero stories and the pop culture phenomenon they've created. Production wrapped in September, so "The Boys" could be flying onto Amazon Prime any day now.

Check out the video for "Vought+ Day" below and keep your eyes peeled for more "The Boys" news here on /Film.