Superhero Bits: Avengers 5 Plans, Marvel's Guardians Of The Galaxy Launch Trailer & More

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In this edition of Superhero Bits:

  • "Young Justice: Phantoms" gets a poster.

  • "Avengers 5" plans (or lack thereof) discussed.

  • "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" gets a launch trailer.

  • "Master of the Universe" gets a return date on Netflix.

  • All that and more!

Chris Claremont Returns to X-Men

As announced by Marvel (see tweet above), the legendary Chris Claremont is making his return to the world of mutants with "X-Men: Legends" #12. Claremont is responsible for some of the most beloved "X-Men" stories of all time, including "Days of Future Past," so this is no small thing. The book arrives in February.

Howard the Duck Animated Series Incoming?

Put this one squarely in the rumor mill for now, but as reported by Comic Book Resources, a recent 4Chan post has led to speculation that a "Howard the Duck" animated series is in development. Fans may well recall that Kevin Smith was working on just such a thing for Hulu before the project was scrapped. While this is only a rumor, we do know that Marvel Studios is ramping up its animation slate, and this character seems like a good fit. Time will tell if this rumor has any truth to it.

Masters of the Universe: Revelation Part 2 Release Date

Speaking of Kevin Smith, the filmmaker has revealed that "Masters of the Universe: Revelation" part 2 will debut on Netflix on November 23. In addition to confirming the release date, Smith has also revealed the Skeletor-heavy poster, which you can see in the Instagram post above. Expect a trailer soon.

Aquaman: King of Atlantis First 4 Minutes Released

The limited event series "Aquaman: King of Atlantis" is set to arrive on HBO Max on October 14. As we're just a couple of days away from the first installment, the first four minutes of the first episode has been released online, which you can check out above the show hails from producer James Wan, director of "Aquaman" and the upcoming sequel, "Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom."

Young Justice: Phantoms Poster

As revealed by cast member Khary Payton, "Young Justice: Phantoms" has debuted a dazzling new poster ahead of its forthcoming debut on HBO Max. We are getting a presentation for the show during DC FanDome this weekend, so expect to see a trailer this weekend, in addition to learning much more about the show's return.

Avengers 5 Potential Plans Discussed by Producer Nate Moore

During a set visit for Marvel's "Eternals," the folks at asked producer Nate Moore about the studio's potential plans for "Avengers 5." Up to this point, virtually nothing has been confirmed on that front. As Moore explains, there is a good reason for that.

"I think you can, or you can not, you know what I mean?. And I think, Avengers 4 was called Endgame for a reason. We haven't really talked in a real way about what an Avengers 5 would be even."

It seems Marvel Studios hasn't even thought much about this beyond "Endgame." Speaking further, Moore spoke, in vague terms, about how one could approach a new "Avengers" movie.

"I think we can have it either way if we want. We could build towards it or we could just say, 'Hey, here's a standalone Avengers movie.' And I think as long as the story was strong and interesting enough people will come and see it. We're kind of nerds so we like to build towards things and we like to spread bread crumbs and see where they come... But yeah, and I think audiences also kind of want to be surprised. So, to some degree, we don't want to say, 'You saw that trick, let's do that trick again.' What's the new way to surprise people if, and when we did an Avengers movie, what would be the funnest version of that?"

Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy Launch Trailer

Lastly, we bring you a brand new trailer for "Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy" video game. The game arrives on October 26, just two weeks from now. This launch trailer offers a comprehensive look at what to expect, consisting of gameplay footage, an overview of some of the story, and plenty of looks at the characters. Will it fare better than "Marvel's Avengers" did last year? We shall soon find out.