Kevin Feige Explains The Lack Of A New 'Avengers' Announcement At Comic-Con

Fans are undoubtedly excited and curious about how the Marvel Cinematic Universe will continue to expand with the 10 new projects that Marvel Studios announced for release over the next two years during their presentation at San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend. However, one significant announcement was missing from the line-up of movies teased for the future, and that's Avengers 5. What is going on with Earth's mightiest heroes? Thankfully, Kevin Feige has an answer for you.

IGN caught up with Kevin Feige briefly after Marvel Studios wowed the Comic-Con crowd, and he was asked why there was no announcement about a new Avengers movie in the next phase of films from the MCU. Feige said:

"We had a movie this year called Avengers: Endgame, and it is very much an ending, as you saw, to so many of those characters. So Phase 4 is about beginnings, and Phase 4 is about learning new things about characters you already think you know like Black Widow, meeting incredible new characters like The Eternals and Shang-Chi, going on new adventures with Doctor Strange and Thor, and these Disney+ shows, which I promise will be spectacular and not what anybody's expecting."

That makes sense, especially when you consider that Thor and Hawkeye are the only original Avengers still able to protect Earth. Sure, we've also got Spider-Man swinging around, but the team as we know it doesn't really exist anymore. So does that mean there won't be an Avengers movie for a very long time? Will Marvel shift gears and focus on new superhero teams like Fantastic Four and X-Men to counter the lack of an Avengers title? Or is Marvel biding their time until they can launch The New Avengers?

Unfortunately, that's a question that we probably won't be able to answer for a few years. Then again, just as Marvel chose to tease the assembly of The Avengers in the first Iron Man movie, maybe we'll get something like that early on in Phase Four of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Black Widow will be the first movie out of the gate in May next year, followed later in the fall by The Eternals. Perhaps those movies will help set the stage for the major event on the horizon for the MCU.

Until then, you can check out the full line-up of what Marvel Studios has in store for us in 2020 and 2021 right here.