Cool Stuff: Joshua Budich's Ted Lasso Poster Will Make You Believe

"Ted Lasso" is set for its season 2 finale on Friday, and although we know there will be a third (and final!) season of the show, we'll have to wait awhile before we can watch it in on Apple TV+. (And if you're someone who hasn't watched "Ted Lasso" yet, can I take a moment to say it's worth watching? /Film's Ben Pearson breaks down why it's essential viewing here.)

For those who want more "Ted Lasso" in their lives or who just want regular encouragement from their favorite coach to "Believe," I have good news. Artist Joshua Budich has created a "Ted Lasso" print that's designed to look like a football match advertisement. 

The poster — which is titled "I Believe in Hope. I Believe in Believe" — has Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) looking peak Ted Lasso front and center. It also has Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein) with a classic Roy Kent scowl. Hannah Waddingham, Juno Temple, Brendan Hunt, Jeremy Swift, Phil Dunster, Nick Mohammed, and Toheeb Jimoh are also featured in the print along, with the OG "Believe" poster that Ted put up in the locker room.

Words will only describe so much, however, so check it out here:

The print also has some nice callouts to the team's sponsor, a fictional dating app called Bantr, and has AFC Richmond playing a match against Sheffield Wednesday — a game that was played on a Saturday, despite the opposing team's name causing some confusion.

Believe! For a Limited Time

Want more details? The screen print dimensions are 24" x 36" and will come signed and numbered, as it will be a limited printing. If you're interested, you can order one here for $60 USD. Act fast though, as it will only be available for sale from October 7 through October 10.

I — a person who loves "Ted Lasso" and doesn't follow or watch any sports — would love to have this print on my wall. If you're someone who loves "Ted Lasso" and also sportsball, this is probably even more appealing to you. If you need another reason to buy, given the show's popularity and it winning many, many Emmys, there's also a good chance that this will become a collector's item down the road.

And even if the price is too much or you're out of wall space, we'll still always have the TV show itself. And it'll also be there for us re-watch the first two seasons while we wait for season 3.

The "Ted Lasso" season 2 finale, "Inverting the Pyramid of Success," releases Friday, October 8, on Apple TV+.