No Time To Die Director Cary Fukunaga Would Make Another Bond Movie, And He Already Has A Pitch [Exclusive]

"No Time to Die" is Daniel Craig's last time suiting up as 007, but that doesn't mean that director Cary Fukunaga is also done with the franchise.

In a /Film interview with Phil Nobile Jr., Fukunaga revealed not only that he'd do potentially do another Bond movie, but that he already had a pitch that stemmed from a meeting he had with Bond producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson after the release of "Spectre," before it was clear Craig would be coming back for one more film.

"I still have a pitch I would do if I had to reboot it," he told /Film. And although Fukunaga declined to go into specifics of what that pitch entailed, he did explain how "No Time to Die" came together after Craig confirmed his return and original director Danny Boyle departed the production: 

This was a completely clean slate. In September of 2018 I was just listening to everyone, what was working, what wasn't working, what they wanted, what they hoped for, and just had to sit with that and try to figure out how to turn that into a story.

Inevitably, things seep in, things you've tried before and other stories that didn't work, but you're just looking for that place that it could fit, you know? I kind of think of it like spare furniture, but it very much came out of those meetings in September, and then went on until we finished shooting.

Another Potential Fukunaga-Directed Bond Movie

Fukunaga is now busy shooting the Steven Spielberg-produced "Masters of the Air" for Apple TV+. After that is done, however, the director isn't sure what he'll do next or if another Bond movie is in the cards.

"It's up to the Broccoli family," he said. "If they enjoyed working with me and want me back, then we can have that discussion at that time."

But before he takes on any new projects, Fukunaga said that he first needed to take a well-earned break:

On a straight practical level, ["No Time To Die"] took it out of me. For 21 months, I didn't see anybody. Then lockdown happened, so I didn't see anybody on top of that for many more months.

So, after [the "Master of Air"] shoot is done, I'm going to be merging back into the world. And I want to get a sense of what I want to do next outside of the nonstop work train and figure out what that direction might be, and if it ends up being a "Bond" film in the future, great. If it doesn't, it was an amazing experience.

"No Time to Die," premieres in theaters on October 8, 2021.