Insecure Season 5 Trailer: Issa Rae's Comedy Series Is Coming To An End

After five full years of being one of the best shows on television, "Insecure," Issa Rae and Larry Wilmore's show about being young and Black in L.A., is calling it quits. The season 5 trailer has officially dropped, and it strikes a celebratory tone, serving as the first float in a parade that is the final season, which makes it feel pretty different from the teaser trailer that dropped earlier this month.

While the teaser was more melancholy and reflective, this trailer sends it all up and shows it all off, highlighting our favorite aspects of the series. Between the quick-witted comedy, lush camera work, incredible styling, addictive soundtrack, and complex relationships, it's clear that this final season of "Insecure" will have it all.

Insecure Season 5 Trailer

In classic "Insecure" fashion, this sneak peek kicks off with Issa (played, as always, by the undeniable Issa Rae), talking to herself in the mirror. This time, she's casually confronting her past, showing off everything that's gone right in her life. Although we know, based on everything that follows (and everything that happened last season), that things are never as rosy in Issa's life as she makes it seem.

And those less-than-rosy parts have been slipped casually into the trailer. There's glimpses of Molly and Issa still trying to navigate their friendship after things got heated last season, a few scenes hinting that Issa's love triangle with Nathan and Lawrence is still in full swing, and a blink-and-you'll-miss-it baby reveal that will definitely lead to some upcoming drama.

Get It Girl

Between all of the precarious slivers of scenes, the trailer is fueled by some sweet moments, like Issa confiding in her insecurities with Molly as they walk through Stanford's campus and Molly bonding with Kelli over the complex nature of friendships. And because the show's soundtrack never disappoints, the trailer kicks off with a yet-to-be-released Saweetie song titled "Get It Girl" and ends with "Gravity" by Brent Faiyaz and Tyler, The Creator. Add them to your favorite playlist now, you're going to need something to listen to while you wait for the rest of the soundtrack to be revealed.

Will everything get tied up in a neat bow and delivered to our TVs like a present? Or will some threads be left hanging, leaving us to wonder about what might have been? We can't know for sure, but at the very least it seems like some of the questions raised during the last season will be finally answered, and no matter what happens, it'll be one hell of a ride. There won't be another show quite like "Insecure," but when it's all over, at least we can take solace in Rae's upcoming projects. She's executive producing a ton of shows, including "A Black Lady Sketch Show," "Sweet Life: Los Angeles," "Rap Sh*t," and so much more.

"Insecure" season 5 will debut Sunday, October 24 on HBO.