The Closer Trailer: Dave Chappelle Comedy Special Coming To Netflix In October

"I'm not saying it to be mean, I'm saying it because it's funny."

Habitual line-stepper Dave Chappelle is sliding back into the living room TVs of the world. Netflix just announced the stand-up comedian's latest comedy special, "The Closer," which premieres on the streaming service on October 5. Shot in Detroit, this is the sixth in a line of Chappelle's comedy specials for the streaming giant, all of which have been helmed and produced by television giant Stan Lathan. "The Age Of Spin," "Deep In The Heart Of Texas," "Equanimity," "The Bird Revelation," and "Sticks & Stones" garnered multiple Emmys for both director and star, and Chappelle was the recipient of the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize for American Humor in 2019, so any new collaboration between the pair carries with it high expectations and the promise of hilarity.

Check out the trailer below.

The Closer Trailer

"Comedians have a responsibility," the teaser starts, "to speak recklessly." We then quickly flash through all five of the comedian's Netflix specials, leading up to this sixth and final chapter with the streamer.

Chappelle is best known for his iconic comedy sketch series, "Chappelle's Show," which ran on Comedy Central from 2003 to 2006 and parodied every aspect of pop culture from reality TV to racial stereotypes in media. The show was so embedded in the collective consciousness that a loose collection of its characters (all played by Chappelle) made an appearance on "Saturday Night Live" in 2016, a decade after they first aired onscreen. Judging by the October 7 set he just booked at The Hollywood Bowl and the approval to open a new venue in his own Ohio hometown of Yellow Springs, the sardonic performer isn't stopping anytime soon. 

Chappelle is the kind of comedian who cozies up to the edge of decency for his jokes because that's where the ugliest societal warts reveal themselves. Whether calling out contracts that leave artist compensation out of streaming rights (he got it sorted) or weathering backlash for his satirical humor, the man is not afraid to channel his early comedic influence Richard Pryor and say the punchline that no one else is willing to utter. 

With a global pandemic, a new president, and an attempted political coup on the roster of current events since his last special, it's a safe bet that no subject is safe from Chappelle's discerning eye and biting wit. 

"The Closer" arrives at Netflix on October 5, 2021.