Molly Shannon Joins The Cast Of Zach Braff's A Good Person Starring Florence Pugh And Morgan Freeman

Is Molly Shannon a good person? You bet your sweet ass she is. If by "good person," you mean a newly christened member of the cast of "A Good Person," that is.

Deadline reports that Shannon has joined the Zach Braff-directed film "A Good Person," which already has Florence Pugh and Morgan Freeman on board as stars. We heard back in March that the film was seeking distribution, and now it has found it through MGM, which will help give the film a push in North America and certain international markets.

"A Good Person" seems to have secured distribution before going into production, which it will do this fall according to the report. Here's the synopsis for the movie, via Deadline:

The film follows Allison (Pugh), whose life falls apart after her involvement in a fatal accident. In the following years, it is the unlikely relationship she forms with her would-be father-in-law (Freeman) that helps her inevitably live a life worth living.

Braff, Pugh, Freeman, and Shannon: All Good People?

Braff is best known for his starring role on the NBC sitcom, "Scrubs," but he also made a splash with his feature directorial debut "Garden State," which he wrote and starred in alongside Natalie Portman in 2004. He and Pugh are a real-life couple, and he previously directed her in the short film "In the Time It Takes to Get There," which you can watch above. He also previously directed Freeman in the senior-citizen heist comedy, "Going in Style."

Pugh made her Marvel Cinematic Universe debut this year in "Black Widow" and is set to reprise her role as Yelena Bolova in the Disney+ series "Hawkeye" this November. She's been on a hot streak since her breakout role in "Midsommar," whose ending we just revisited last week.

Freeman starred in Amazon Prime Video's anthology "Solos" this year, and Braff directed the first episode of that series. This month we also heard the interesting news that Freeman will be co-starring with Al Pacino, Helen Mirren, and Danny DeVito in "Sniff," a film noir set in a retirement home.

Shannon recently appeared in the Oscar-winning "Promising Young Woman," as well as this year's HBO hit "The White Lotus." On "Saturday Night Live" she famously played Mary Katherine Gallagher, a Catholic schoolgirl who was not above sticking hands in her armpits and then sniffing them.

That doesn't make her a bad person, nor do we have any first-hand way of judging her character, or anyone else's here, beyond their film and TV work. But they will all be collaborating on "A Good Person," which begins production this fall.