Star Wars: Visions Features The Return Of Temuera Morrison As Boba Fett

Temuera Morrison is known for playing Aquaman's father, and, oh yeah, some character named Boba Fett. Morrison will be back in Fett's Mandalorian armor in "The Book of Boba Fett" this December, but before that, you'll be able to hear his voice in "Star Wars: Visions."

"Star Wars: Visions" is a nine-episode anime anthology that premieres on Disney+ on September 22, 2021. The series is produced by seven different Japanese animation studios, so each episode will have its own different look and feel. According to ScreenRant, Morrison will voice Boba Fett in the English dub of an episode called "Tatooine Rhapsody," with Akio Kaneda providing the character's voice in the Japanese version.

If "Tatooine Rhapsody" sounds like a slant rhyme on "Bohemian Rhapsody," well, you may not be so far off there. Collider reports that "Tatooine Rhapsody" will be a "rock opera." We recently looked at who some of the heroes and villains will be in "Star Wars: Visions," and while there are many new characters, there will also be some returning faces. Fett is one of those and another one is Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba will also be appearing in "Tatooine Rhapsody," which means we could very well see a duet between him and Fett. I have no doubt Jabba's singing voice is positively operatic. There's no word yet on whether Morrison will be doing his own singing as Fett.

The Musical and Animated Side of Star Wars

Back in June, we heard that a "Star Trek" musical episode might be in the cards, but it seems that "Star Wars" will beat "Star Trek" to the punch with "Tatooine Rhapsody." From the moment Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi wandered into the Mos Eisley space cantina in "A New Hope," the planet Tatooine has held pockets of music for "Star Wars" fans. Figrin D'an and the Modal Nodes headlined that venue, and of course, Jabba's Palace had the Max Rebo Band.

For the "Return of the Jedi" Special Edition, George Lucas even went back and inserted a full-on musical number, "Jedi Rocks," replacing the relatively low-key "Lapti Nek" with an in-your-face song-and-dance that let you see down the CG throat of a new alien named Joh Yowza. Hopefully, "Tatooine Rhapsody" will be slightly less ostentatious than that.

At this point, with so many different Disney+ spin-offs on the way, it wouldn't be surprising to hear them announce a "Glee"-like musical "Star Wars" show set on Tatooine, and in Jabba's Palace. If nothing else, it will be appropriate to see an animated Boba Fett again, since the character made his first appearance in an animated segment of "The Star Wars Holiday Special" back in 1978.

"Star Wars: Visions" debuts on Disney+ on Wednesday, September 22, 2021.