'The Flash' Director Reveals First Look At Supergirl's Costume

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's our first look at Supergirl's costume in The Flash. Latina actress Sasha Calle is set to make her debut as the DC Extended Universe's Girl of Steel in the Ezra Miller-led solo film, but we won't see her in the full get-up just yet. For now, it's just a look at part of the Supergirl costume, courtesy of The Flash director Andy Muschietti.

Supergirl Costume First Look

supergirl costume

Andy Muschietti, who directs Ezra Miller's solo superhero outing with the upcoming The Flash, has debuted the first look at the Supergirl costume that will be worn by Sasha Calle, the Young and the Restless star who landed the coveted part of the Girl of Steel.

It's a pretty basic costume that appears to be of a similar make and texture to the Superman suit worn by Henry Cavill, though decidedly brighter than his suit's famously muted colors. There's also some detailing on the chest that makes the pattern look a little more feminine. The red on top also suggests that the suit may have a high neckline that will presumably connect with a cape, similar to the one worn by the New 52 version of the character. Whether Muschietti will go with the classic skirt or the questionable leotard cut is the next question.

Lining Up for a Crisis

Calle was announced to be joining the film as Supergirl earlier this year, following the news that Ray Fisher's Cyborg was getting cut out of the film. It's just one of many updates that The Flash has gone through since it began its development many, many years ago, though Muschietti has finally gotten the ball rolling on DC's long-embattled project. In addition to this new image of the Supergirl costume, Muschietti recently shared a look at the updated Flash suit as well as Michael Keaton's new Batman suit.

The film will purportedly draw influence from the Flashpoint comic run, which saw the Flash end up in an alternate timeline. In the movie, Barry will travel back in time to stop the murder of his mother. But the act of time traveling "inadvertently creates another universe protected by Keaton's Batman, now 30 years older."

Ezra Miller is reprising his Justice League role, while Kiersey Clemons makes her proper debut as love interest Iris West. Clemons originally played the role in Justice League, but her debut ended up getting cut — a scene that was reinstated in Zack Snyder's Justice League. Muschietti helms a script from Christina Hodson, who also wrote the DC flick Birds of Prey.The Flash arrives in theaters on November 4, 2022.