Tom Hiddleston Confirms The First Season Of 'Loki' Has An Ending, Won't Confirm If That Ending Leads To Season 2

Marvel Studios is bringing Loki to Disney+ as their next TV series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Tom Hiddleston is returning as the God of Mischief after he made an escape with the Tesseract during the events of Avengers: Endgame. Naturally, this puts him in a new universe of trouble.

In support of the new series, we spoke with the actor who has played Thor's meddlesome brother for a whole decade now, and asked about how his tenure as Loki might continue after the six episodes of his self-titled series. In short...will there be a Loki season 2?

Loki finds the Norse god disrupting what is referred to as "The Sacred Timeline," putting him square in the sights of an organization known as the Time Variance Authority, who are tasked with keeping time moving as it's supposed to without any branches creating alternate universes that threaten the balance of existence. It just so happens there's a mysterious, dangerous time-hopping criminal wreaking havoc across the universe, and TVA agent Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson) thinks Loki is uniquely skilled to help them catch the culprit.

Loki Season 2 and...a Multiverse of Madness?

That sounds like a potential set-up for something to go disastrously wrong in the MCU, potentially creating, oh, maybe a Multiverse of Madness, to borrow a phrase from an upcoming Marvel Studios sequel. But what about the god with glorious purpose? What hope do we have for a second season of Loki? We asked Tom Hiddleston if there was something from Marvel Comics that he might be anxious to bring into the MCU for a second season of Loki and he said:

"Well, I know we have to get to the end of season one first. [laughs] There may be some things coming around the corner, which I would love to talk to you about, but I can't. Let's get to the end of season one first."

Based on that impression, we tried to dig by asking whether the ending of season 1 provides a clear set-up for what could be a second season of Loki. That tricky Tom Hiddleston confirmed some huuuuuge news:

"Season one has an ending. You heard it here first."

What else would we expect from Loki?

Obviously, it's hard to get confirmation of these kinds of things before they're officially announced by Disney and Marvel, but the way Hiddleston tapdanced around this question does make us think whatever happens at the end of the first season of Loki will offer some kind of hint about what the God of Mischief will do next. After all, writer Michael Waldron has said the aim of the Loki series was to have "wide-reaching ramifications across the MCU," so Loki may not be going anywhere anytime soon. In fact, with the threat of madness in the multiverse, there's always a chance we'll have more than one Loki to worry about.