'Big Mouth' Season 4 Trailer: The Anxiety Mosquito Arrives Just In Time To Close Out 2020

This year has been absolute trash thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, and even though COVID-19 isn't coming to the fourth season of Big Mouth, the new episodes will still bring a shitload of teenage anxiety for Nick (Nick Kroll), Andrew (John Mulaney), Jessi (Jessi Klein), Jay (Jason Mantzoukas), and Missy (Jenny Slate). That means we're getting a new monster appropriately called Tito the Anxiety Mosquto, voiced by comedian Maria Bamford. Meet the new monster and get a glimpse of even more exciting guest stars coming in the new season next month.

Big Mouth Season 4 Trailer

Even though most of Big Mouth has unfolded during the school year, this season we'll get a taste of summer as Andrew and Nick are at camp before 8th grade begins. That's where the Anxiety Mosquito joins the roster of monsters, including the return of Nick Kroll as Maury, Maya Rudolph as Connie, and Missy's newer Horomone Monstress named Mona, voiced by Thandie Newton.

The Anxiety Mosquito won't be the only new monster on the scene either, because Deadline says Zach Galifanakis is voicing Gratitoad, who will apparently "help our crew cope with their anxiety and not let it completely own them." At summer camp, we've also got guest stars like John Oliver as a camp counselor and Seth Rogen as fellow camper Seth Goldberg. They'll be joined by other guests stars this season like Josie Totah, Lena Waithe, Quinta Brunson, Sterling K. Brown, Paul Giamatti, Maya Erskine, and Anna Konkle.

This season is said to continue the unending agony of puberty and teenage sexuality and all the angst that comes with it. There will also be deeper dives into sexual identity and race, the latter being an important topic for them to tackle since the the shows producers had to confront it themselves by recasting Jenny Slate's role of Missy with new series writer Ayo Edebiri (though Slate's voice will still be heard as the character for this entire season). Oh, and apparently we'll see "The Biggest Period Ever," seemingly teased in the trailer by a giant, crimson wave. There's also teases of plenty of other shenanigans happening this season, including some kind of glimpse into the future.

Big Mouth season 4 will arrive on Netflix just in time to make the holidays raunchier on December 4, 2020. And don't forget there are two more seasons already ordered by Netflix, not to mention a spin-off series set in the world of Hormone Monsters.