'Us' Honest Trailer: This Movie Raises A Lot Of Questions, But We Really Don't Care

After the massive success of Jordan Peele's directorial debut with Get Out, the anticipation was high for his follow-up. Even though Us was critically acclaimed, for some general audiences, despite the palpable tension and terror, it felt too complex to have a clear message and raised a lot of questions in the final act. How many questions? Well, the Us Honest Trailer lays a lot of them out for...us.

Us Honest Trailer

Just like the movie has a ton of exposition at the end of it, this Honest Trailer saves all the questions for the end too. So let's list all the questions that it would be nice to have an answer to.

  • Is there a Tethered for everyone in America?
  • If so, how is there enough space underground for all of them?
  • How many people must have known about these experiences?
  • How did no one find out about this in the last 30 years?
  • Weren't they using enough electricity, water, and raw materials to raise some red flags?
  • Can the Tethered control their actions independently or not?
  • If not, how are they executing this plan?
  • Why so, why do they bother staying underground?
  • Did the people who made the Tethered forget to lock the door on their way out?
  • How do they have the same body-type as their double if all they eat is 100% rabbit meat?
  • The Tethered at the rabbits, but what did the rabbits eat?
  • Where did they get thousands, if not millions, of red jumpsuits and gold scissors?
  • How do they recreate everything in this small underground facility with just classrooms and hallways?
  • What about people who live in big apartment buildings? How do they mimic vertical differences?
  • Are there just piles of poop in the tunnels?
  • What happens to your Tethered when you travel outside of the country?
  • Do they just wait for you at the border or do they keep slamming into the wall like a video game character?
  • What happens to your Tethered (and subsequently their corpse) when you die?
  • Yeah, that' about covers it. But at the end of the day, these aren't questions that bother us when you consider the significance of the themes and message at play, especially wen they aren't definitive and have multiple interpretations. These questions are more along the lines of the stupid nitpicking at CinemaSins, but Honest Trailers still poses them all in good fun. If you only recently got around to Us and walked away a little confused, be sure to check out our breakdown of the possible meanings behind the movie's ending, and listen to our podcast discussions about the film's themes.