New 'Avatar 2' Concept Art Reveals An Underwater Vehicle James Cameron Probably Owns In Real Life

Avatar 2 was on track to arrive in December next year, but now the coronavirus pandemic is forcing us to wait an extra year for the anticipated sequel to James Cameron's sci-fi action adventure. Thankfully, producer Jon Landau is providing little tidbits of information about the sequels every now and then, and the most recent tease comes in the form of a couple pieces of concept art showing off a new multi-functional submersible vehicle used by the Resources Development Administration.

Avatar 2 Vehicle Concept Art

Avatar 2 Vehicle Concept Art

The official Avatar account on Twitter shared this concept art, revealing what is said to be "one of the many new RDA vehicles that will be seen in the Avatar sequels." As you can see, the vehicle known as the Crabsuit takes design cues from a crab. There are even pincers up front, though they appear to be for grabbing things more than defense or finding prey.

But this vehicle doesn't just crab-walk on land. It's also a submersible, and here's what it looks like underwater:

Avatar 2 Vehicle Concept Art

Honestly, this doesn't look much different from some of the real manned submersibles that scientists use today to explore deep underwater ecosystems. In fact, James Cameron himself has gone underwater in vehicles like this to explore the Mariana Trench. We wouldn't be surprised if this was a vehicle that production actually built and will soon be used for real deep sea exploration. That sounds exactly like something James Cameron would do, and it's probably why the movies keep getting delayed. James Cameron keeps stealing the Crabsuit so he can go explore the ocean. It's a real problem.

This isn't the first new vehicle we've seen from Avatar 2. Late last year, we got a glimpse of a massive new aquatic vehicle called the Sea Dragon. It's so big that several smaller vehicles can fit on its deck and inside of it. In fact, that first image of the Crabsuit just might be inside the hull of the Sea Dragon.

If you'd like to see more concept art from Avatar 2, which will be using a lot of underwater locations, you can head over here. In the meantime, we'll just be waiting here patiently until we see the next piece of concept art from Avatar 2. Hopefully there won't be any more delays in our future.