Zack Snyder Says His Cut Of 'Justice League' Won't Use A Single Frame Shot By Joss Whedon

Zack Snyder wants to make one thing crystal clear: when audiences tune in for his "Snyder Cut" of Justice League when it debuts on HBO Max, there won't be a single shot in there that was composed by Joss Whedon, who stepped in to take over production after Snyder left the movie back in 2017. According to Snyder, every single shot in the Snyder Cut will be photographed by Snyder himself. Read his fiery quotes about the subject below.

A couple of months ago, HBO Max revealed that the new streaming service will be releasing the mythical "Snyder Cut" of Justice League on HBO Max, most likely broken up into an episodic format instead of debuting as one long epic. As you might expect, Snyder has some very strong feelings about his long-awaited vision for the film, and in the following quotes, he metaphorically spit on anything Joss Whedon did with the theatrical cut.

"I would destroy the movie, I would set it on fire, before I would use a single frame that I did not photograph [in my version]," Snyder said during a panel at this past weekend's JusticeCon, a fan convention devoted to Justice League. "That is a fucking hard fact. I literally would blow that thing up, if I thought for a second...Anything you see in this movie that reminds you of the theatrical release — which again, famously, I literally have never seen — would be because that was a thing that I had done, and was being borrowed for whatever, that Frankenstein's monster that you got in the theater."

Since Snyder can't gather the cast for reshoots, doesn't it seem slightly unnecessary to purposefully limit his options for what footage to use? Then again, this entire project seems like an exercise in pride and ego, so I guess it makes sense – there's something inherently narcissistic about the auteur theory, and Snyder is clearly positioning himself as the auteur behind this version of the story.

This iteration is said to be "a radical rethinking" of Justice League, with HBO Max shelling out significantly more than $30 million to make it happen. We already know Snyder plans to reverse some of the color grading changes that were applied to his vision in the theatrical cut, and introduce Darkseid as the film's primary villain. We expect to learn more about his plans at next months' DC FanDome, so stay tuned.