Elisabeth Moss To Star In Neo-Noir Series 'Black Match' For Hulu

Hulu is now officially in the Elisabeth Moss business.

The powerhouse actress has signed a joint first-look deal with Fox 21 Television Studios and Hulu, the latter of which continues to be the home of Moss's highly-acclaimed current series The Handmaid's Tale. Moss has also launched her own production company called Love & Squalor Pictures, and as part of this new deal, she's developing a new neo-noir series for Hulu called Black Match which she will produce and star in.

Variety brings word about the new Elisabeth Moss neo-noir series and her new production company, which will focus on creating TV and film content for not just Hulu, but every platform available. (But the Hulu deal makes total sense, given that The Handmaid's Tale was the first streaming show to ever win an Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series.) Details on Black Match are still sketchy, but it's being described as "a psychosexual neo-noir thriller set in modern day Los Angeles," so I'm sure Drive and The Neon Demon director Nicolas Winding Refn just jolted awake, somehow aware without even looking that he has some new competition in that arena.

The show hails from writer Ian McCulloch, who I can only assume is the same Ian McCulloch who recently wrote episodes of Yellowstone and Chicago Fire, and not the Ian McCulloch whose only writing credit is three episodes of a show called Survivors from the late 1970s. Mike Barker is on board to direct the pilot; he previously directed Moss in twelve episodes of The Handmaid's Tale, and has shows like Fargo and Outlander on his resume. Last we heard, he's also supposed to direct an adaptation of Stephen King's The Talisman.

It sounds like this show might not be a huge on-camera commitment for Moss: Variety refers to it as an anthology series, so it's possible she could pop up in the pilot and then transition into a purely producing role while she balances other projects. Moss, an exceptionally talented actress and producer who's one of the best performers of her generation, is, as you might expect, pretty busy these days. She has another season of The Handmaid's Tale coming out on Hulu next year, a series called Candy in which she plays a real-life murderer in 1980s Texas, Taika Waititi's soccer drama Next Goal Wins, and a mysterious movie called Run Rabbit Run in the works, just to name a few.