'Rick And Morty' Gets Trapped In A 'Pringles' Super Bowl Commercial

We've already seen The Shining used to shamelessly sell Mountain Dew Zero Sugar with Bryan Cranston, and Bill Murray is coming back for a Groundhog Day follow-up, all for this weekend's Super Bowl. But as we previously reported, Rick and Morty is also getting in on the Big Game this year as part of a Pringles commercial, and it's already available online in its entirety. Watch the Rick and Morty Pringles Super Bowl commercial below.

Rick and Morty Pringles Super Bowl Commercial

What's great about this commercial is that even though it's clearly made to sell Pringles, it still plays out like a mini episode of Rick and Morty. Honestly, the idea of this perpetually drunk uncle and his timid nephew (and the rest of their family) being kidnapped and used to sell Pringles is a premise that could easily be at the center of a real episode of the show.

Don't forget, you can also find Pickle Rick Pringles out in stores right now to add some snacks to your Super Bowl party. Hell, get yourself a bunch of varieties and try this flavor stacking concept that the chip company has been pushing for a few years now. My personal favorite is stacking a cheddar and sour cream chip on a few other cheddar and sour cream chips. It really brings out the cheddar and sour cream flavor in all the chips.

Speaking of Rick and Morty, when the hell is the show coming back to finish season four? We honestly don't know yet.