Cool Stuff: NECA's 'Gremlins' Action Figure Line Adds The Trenchcoat Flasher With A Load Of Accessories

NECA's new line of Gremlins action figures has been a blessing for fans who want as many of the little monsters as possible with all the appropriate accessories. This past holiday season brought us two different sets of caroling Gremlins, and a new Ultimate Gremlin before that came with soda, beer, cigarettes, candy, and more. Now NECA is releasing the Ultimate Flasher Gremlin, complete with a trenchcoat and sunglasses, as well as a slew of other accessories from the wild bar scene in the horror comedy.

NECA Ultimate Flasher Gremlin Action Figure

Gremlins Ultimate Flasher Action Figure

Based off of the Dorry's Tavern scene in Gremlins, the Flasher Gremlin comes equipped with a removable fabric trench coat. Not only that, he is super loaded with new accessories, including a poker visor, poker chips, mallet, puppet, fedora, bowtie, and more, allowing you to recreate the looks of other Gremlins from the film!

Deluxe 5 panel window box packaging featuring new artwork by Jason Edmiston.

Gremlins Ultimate Flasher Action Figure

If you thought this Gremlins figure was already released, that's because all of these accessories, including the flasher coat, were included in what was intended to be a Loot Crate exclusive. However, that package was also meant to include a "Flashdancer" outfit with with a sweatshirt and legwarmers. Those aren't included in this new figure, which makes me think that might get released as yet another separate figure in the future. But that's just speculation on my part.

The NECA Ultimate Flasher Gremlin figure is slated to be released sometime in May this year.