'The Mandalorian' Season 2 May Reveal More About Greef Carga's Backstory, Says Carl Weathers

The live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian is right in the middle of its first season, but executive producer Jon Favreau is already hard at work on the second season. Favreau will be directing at least one episode in the second season after letting some other filmmakers get behind the camera the first time around. But one of the other directors in the second season will be Carl Weathers, one of the co-stars of the first season, and he has teased some of what we might see in forthcoming new episodes.

Speaking to Games Radar's sister site SFX, Carl Weathers talked about his character Greef Carga, the leader of the bounty hunting guild of which The Mandalorian's lead character is a member. Though there are still four more episodes to come in the first season of The Mandalorian, it sounds like we'll be waiting until the second season to find out more about Carga. Weathers said:

"I think [Greef's backstory] is more saved for season two. But you get some glimpses at Greef and who he is through the stories in the first season. There's some real strong indications that give you some idea of who he is. But we never let on completely. It's much more interesting to play someone who is not all of one thing – not one-dimensional. Also, it opens it up to stories later on that can reveal much more about this character. Certainly with Greef, you have to really keep your eye on him."

So far, we've seen that Carga is more loyal to the rules of the bounty hunting guild and getting a job done than he is to any one person. Carga was willing to take on Mando himself in order to get the asset known as The Child (AKA Baby Yoda) back in the third episode of the first season. Perhaps he knows more than he let on about the job that brought Mando to the adorable little guy.

Since we don't know what will happen with Mando at the end of the first season, we're not sure how integral Greef Carga will be to the second season. In fact, we don't even know what the second season will be about yet. Will the storyline involving Baby Yoda be resolved by the end of this season and allow for a new story arc? Or will the events of the first season carry over into something bigger? It probably depends on who is behind the bounty for Baby Yoda and what they want him him.

So far The Mandalorian has proven to be a satisfying expansion of the Star Wars saga. But we won't know for sure until the first season comes to an end at the end of the year. Stay tuned for our continued coverage of The Mandalorian as the first season continues.