'The Mandalorian': Pedro Pascal Reveals The Bounty Hunter's Name

Much of the marketing behind the live-action Star Wars series The Mandalorian has really been pushing the idea of this masked bounty hunter without a name. People around the galaxy refer to him as The Mandalorian or just Mando for short, but in an official interview promoting the arrival of the series on Disney+, the man under the helmet, Pedro Pascal, gives up the real name of the character without hesitation or concern.

The Mandalorian's Real Name Revealed

Right around the 2:31 mark is when Pedro Pascal starts off a response to an off-camera prompt by giving away The Mandalorian's real name. The only problem is since this is Star Wars, we're not entirely sure how to spell it. Personally, I'm going with Dynn Zharren. But a couple others on the /Film staff went a different route with spelling the first name and also the first letter of the last name. Their guesses included Denn Jarin or Dinn Jarin. So my guess seems to be way out of left field.

If Pedro Pascal is giving up this information in an interview that seems like it was prepared for an electronic press kit, then perhaps the identity of The Mandalorian isn't important. There could easily be continued flashbacks to the panicked moments that The Mandalorian is seen thinking about in the first episode (which might be when Mandalore was under siege) that could reveal his real name. If anything, this just goes to show you that the character won't turn out to have blood ties to any characters we've met in other Star Wars shows or movies.

The Mandalorian probably has many more mysteries left to explore, but it would seem that the title character's identity won't be one of them. Right now, fans are probably most concerned with what that reveal from the end of the first episode means for the future of the series. We talked about that surprise at the end of the series premiere, as well as many more details from throughout the episode, in our /Film Daily podcast focused solely on the show. It's a spoiler podcast though, so if you haven't watched the first episode, make sure you hold off on listening until you have.

Another episode of The Mandalorian arrives on November 15, and the schedule for the release of the rest of the episodes can be found right here. We'll be keeping up with each episode of the series so stay tuned.