Star Wars Bits: Kylo Ren's Repaired Helmet, Ewoks Vs The Empire, Rise Of Skywalker Predictions & More

In this edition of Star Wars Bits:

  • Find out why Han never paid back Jabba the Hutt
  • Watch a new Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures animated short
  • Learn why Daisy Ridley almost quit Star Wars
  • See what you think about some Rise of Skywalker predictions
  • Check out some leaked images of The Mandalorian shirts
  • All that and more
  • Have you ever thought that it's a little odd that Han Solo never paid back Jabba the Hutt after getting paid handsomely by the Rebel Alliance for rescuing Princess Leia from the clutches of the Empire? The reasoning might be clear to some fans out there, but for everyone else, Star Wars Explained breaks down exactly why he didn't pay back the gangster.

    If you're planning on heading to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in the near future, you might want to bring a little companion to walk around the park with you. Thankfully, The Disney Store has you covered with this plush Porg that is able to sit on your shoulder thanks to a magnetic fabric disc that you situate under your shirt. It's available right now for $14.95.

    We've already talked about how the Star Wars: Galaxy of Adventures animated shorts make the case that a feature length animated version of the original trilogy should be made. As further evidence of that, here's a new short inspired by Return of the Jedi with those cuddly Ewoks looking rather menacing as they take on the Empire on the forest moon of Endor.

    the mandalorian storyTriple Force Friday may not be until later this year, but a few pieces of merchandise from the upcoming live-action series The Mandalorian leaked recently. There were three shirts that were listed on Amazon briefly, and some fans were quick enough to snap some screenshots. One of them confirms that the droid bounty hunter many have assumed was IG-88 is actually IG-11, and that would seem to indicate that he'll have a bigger role in the series. You can see the images of the shirts over here.

    RedLetterMedia is known for their opinions on all things Star Wars, but they also like trying to predict exactly what's going to happen in the upcoming installments of the movie. Here, Rick and Mike deliver their predictions of what will happen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, the final installment of the Skywalker saga.How to Build Rey's Blaster

    Daisy Ridley might be the lovely face of the new Star Wars trilogy, but when she first started working on The Force Awakens, she didn't feel right about it at all. While appearing on the Happy Sad Confused podcast recently, Ridley revealed that she almost quit the franchise early on during production simply because she questioned herself. Ridley explained:

    "It was pretty horrid. It was really scary. I felt just sick and I didn't really know anyone yet. It takes me a really long time to settle down with people. And I do remember being behind the speeder and there were loads of people there and somebody had an umbrella over me and even that, like, 'Oh someone's holding an umbrella over you? OK.' And I remember thinking, 'I can't do it.' Like I can't do this, this is not right."

    We're glad that she didn't end up listening to those inner thoughts and overcame that skepticism in herself. Ridley has made an outstanding new lead in the Star Wars saga, and she has inspired a whole new generation of fans. She's also a global superstar and she'll be set for life even if she barely acts after this.

    Our own Peter Sciretta wondered on Twitter why Kylo Ren's helmet is in pristine condition as he appears in Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge if we're going to see him piece together the smashed helmet with some kind of red bonding material in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Well, Matt Martin, one of the creative executives of the Lucasfilm Story Group, says this is a story that has yet to be told, but we won't find out until after The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters.

    Star Wars Galaxy's Edge - Droids

    If you're curious about which droids you'll meet while wandering around Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge, The Disney Parks Blog introduces the smelting droid 8D-J8, R5-P8, and of course DJ R-3X. Of course, there's an endless amount of droids to be found at the park too, because the Droid Depot allows you to create your own. Find out more about all these droids over here.

    jar jar binks asks Ron Howard

    Finally, in case you didn't notice last week, Jar Jar Binks was trending on Twitter for a day. So how the Phantom Menace character become so popular on social media? Well, in a weird turn of events, Mashable says the only reason Jar Jar Binks was trending on Twitter was because people kept asking why he was trending on Twitter. The internet! It's weird!