'Jay And Silent Bob Reboot' Brings Back Shannon Elizabeth, Adds Wrestler Chris Jericho

Jay and Silent Reboot is shaping up to be a reunion of almost everyone that Kevin Smith has ever worked with. Not only are stars from the various View Askewniverse movies returning in this one, but cast members from Zack and Miri Make a Porno have made a comeback, too. Therefore it comes as no surprise that Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back star Shannon Elizabeth is back as Jay's thief lover Justice. But there is one surprise that comes in the form of WWE wrestler Chris Jericho being part of the cast.

Find out what Kevin Smith had to say about these two joining the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot cast below.

Jay and SIlent Bob Reboot - Shannon Elizabeth

First up, here's Shannon Elizabeth back as Justice with Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith in a photo from Instagram. Here's what the director had to say about bringing back this character from Jay and Silent Bob's cross country adventure:

"It didn't feel like a true sequel until Shannon Elizabeth stepped on the set of Jay and Silent Bob Reboot. But it's almost like she stepped out of a box that was sealed when we wrapped Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – because Shannon hasn't aged at all! Time marches on, and it's marched all over my face and Jay's face – but not Shannon's! The love of Jay's life returns to kick our primary plot into gear – and Shannon returned to us from Africa, where she's been living lately, working to save elephants and rhinos with her Shannon Elizabeth Foundation. So Jason Mewes and I were especially appreciative Shannon not only came back but also came far, leaving behind the noble work for a minute to do some silly shit with old friends."

It's interesting that Justice is what kicks the plot into gear. I wonder what she does that sets Jay and Silent Bob off on another adventure. Is she the one who tells them about the Bluntman and Chronic reboot that's happening? We'll find out sooner or later.

Jay and SIlent Bob Reboot - Chris Jericho

Next up, wrestler Chris Jericho revealed that he shot a role in Jay and Silent Bob Reboot a few days ago. But Kevin Smith only just told all of his Instagram followers today. Here's what he had to say about his role:

"Chris Jericho joined Jay and Silent Bob Reboot last week in a scene stolen from some of the 80's road movies I grew up watching! This was the first time Jason Mewes shared screen time with Chris Jericho, but it's the second time I've worked with the Fozzy frontman (the first being on the forthcoming horror anthology Killroy Was Here)." 

Apparently Jericho is playing a bit of a bad dude in the movie, because Smith calls him a "super sweet Canadian kid" who was cast way against his type. If you're not familiar with Chris Jericho, he's a pretty cool dude, and quite the fun interview subject – especially when hot wings are involved:

Kevin Smith revealed there's only eight shooting days left on Jay and Silent Bob Reboot, and most of that is the entire third act of the movie. He's also already cut together 40 minutes of the movie and will keep cutting more as production continues. From here on out, you can expect to see even more famous faces pop up on Kevin Smith's Instagram, because he said today, "Starting at noon, it's all cameos all the time from here on out, as fresh famous faces join us every day until we wrap." We can't wait to see who else is getting in on the fun.

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