'A Star Is Born' Returning To Theaters With New Music And New Footage

A Star Is Born was nominated for eight Oscars last weekend, but it only walked away with one for Best Original Song. However, performance of "Shallow" by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga was one of the biggest moments of the night. Now, Warner Bros. Pictures is going to ride that wave with an extended cut of the film being released in theaters with new footage and new music.

Warner Bros. is bringing the A Star Is Born extended cut to 1,150 screens across North America starting this Friday. The new footage includes longer performances of the opening song "Black Eyes", as well as "Alibi" and the a cappella parking lot scene where Lady Gaga first sings the Oscar-winning tune "Shallow."

As for new music, a scene with Lady Gaga's ballad "Is That Alright?" has been put back into the movie. But she's not the only one getting a new song. Footage of Bradley Cooper as Jackson Maine singing "Too Far Gone" is part of the A Star Is Born extended cut as well. Furthermore, a new song called "Clover," which wasn't even included on the film's soundtrack, will be in the movie.

Here's a sneak peek of one scene that has been put back in the movie featuring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper working on "Clover" on a concert stage (via Entertainment Weekly):

All the new footage and music added to the movie results in A Star Is Born extended cut being 12 minutes longer than the original theatrical version. Is that enough for fans to see the movie in theaters again? A Star Is Born is already available on home video and made nearly $219 million at the domestic box office. We'll find out if fans love the movie enough to pay admission to see a new cut of the movie this weekend. Surely plenty of Lady Gaga fans will be among them.

You'll notice that this re-release of A Star Is Born isn't being called a director's cut, and that's likely because the final version we got in theaters originally is what Bradley Cooper wanted everyone to see. But even so, director of photography Matthew Libatique referred to this cut as such when we first heard about it last fall, and it sounds like Cooper was likely involved in creating this new version of the film.