Cool Stuff: Nookiee's Limited Edition 'Ghostbusters' Shoes

All the glory for anniversary celebrations is going to Back to the Future this year, with an entire day dedicated to the time traveling franchise coming next week. But last year, everyone was all about Ghostbusters for the film's 30th anniversary. Still, there's no wrong time to pick up some cool Ghostbusters stuff, and today we've got something for all you sneaker-heads out there.

Nookiee (which has an extra "e" so as not to be confused with the Limp Bizkit song of the same name) has come out with some limited edition Ghostbusters shoes, but if you want to get your hands on them, prepare to throw down some cash.

Here's the seven varieties of Ghostbusters shoes from Nookiee (via ChipChick):

Easily the best shoes are the ones modeled after the Ghostbusters jump suits with each of the team member's names on them. The shoes with the Ghostbusters logo on them look too much like bowling shoes to be appealing, and the Gozer ones just seem a little obnoxious for my tastes.

If you want to get your hands on these shoes, the uniform shoes will cost you $100 each, and the logo and Gozer shoes will cost $120. However, if you're a real shoe collector, you might want to spend $448 on an even more limited edition of the shoes.

These versions of the shoes will have an embroidered number on the side of the shoe and come with a signed authenticity card. Your name will also be embroidered on the inside of the tongue as well as the shoe number. The first limited edition shoe will be the Stantz uniform shoe with more to come, and the others will presumably follow. Once these limited edition versions are produced, no more will be made. I'm not sure that makes them worth $448, but for some people it's their hobby.