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If you’re a fan of Back to the Future, then you should know that not only does this year mark the 30th anniversary of the original film. However, October 21st, 2015 also marks the exact day and year which Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) traveled to the future, and there’s a whole slew of celebrations and promotions planned throughout the entire month (including some in 2016) and leading up to that red letter day in the history of time travel.

We’ve featured a bunch of Back to the Future events and cool stuff before, but we thought it would be better to round up as much as we can for a definitive guide to Back to the Future anniversary events, memorabilia, promotions and more. And we’ll also keep adding to this list to keep it as up to date as possible.

Keep in mind that we won’t be able to keep track of every single party, screening and whatnot happening around the country, so we’re going to try to keep this to the larger or more widespread events and releases, unless they’re just truly unique and too awesome to pass up. But if you hear of something Back to the Future related that you don’t see on the list below, let us know!

Otherwise, without further adieu, here’s all the cool Back to the Future anniversary stuff coming your way.



We’re Going Back

Back to the Future

Perhaps the biggest and most special event celebrating Back to the Future, this celebration is taking place in Los Angeles over five days from October 21st through October 25th. The event will feature screenings of all three movies in the trilogy, the premiere of the documentary Back in Time, a hoverboard rig like the one used on the set of Back to the Future Part II, panels with stars and filmmakers, and much more. Get all the details right here.

Back to the Future: Live in Concert

Back to the Future

There will be plenty of marathons and screenings of Back to the Future on October 21st, but this might be the best way to revisit the original film. From now through 2016, fans can watch the first movie in the time traveling trilogy with a live orchestra providing the soundtrack to the movie, complete with new music from Alan Silvestri. Back to the Future: Live in Concert will be touring around the world with 22 different shows planned at the time of this writing. Find out where you can see it right here.

Save the Clock Tower: A Back to the Future Tribute

The White Out Collective, a group of artists from Blizzard Entertainment, have teamed up with Photonic Playground for a special art show paying tribute to Back to the Future.

The exhibit opens from October 3rd at 200 N Bush St, Santa Ana, CA 92701 with original art from Kevin Maginnis, John Polidora, David Vessup, Jeff Chuang, Kenny McBride, Matt O’Connor, Ariel Fain, Neal Wojahn, Jessica Clarke, Peter K Lee, Michaela Nienaber, Ishmael Hoover, Jon McConnell, Eric Braddock, Daehi Kim, and Kieu Le!

At the opening reception, there will be giveaways including a tin lunchbox of Space Zombies from Pluto, “A Match Made in Space” book from the movie, and the Back to the Future Trilogy BluRay set! Otherwise, Save the Clock Tower: A Back to the Future Tribute will be on display through the end of November, but will have a closing reception on November 7th. For more on the event, check out the Facebook page.

The Million McFly March

Million McFly March

On October 21st, fans dressed up as Marty McFly will participate in The Million McFly March, the largest gathering of McFlys in history in order to help raise money for Team Fox to help fight Parkinson’s disease. Fans will gather at a Burger King in Burbank, CA, which is where Marty is seen grabbing a hold of a car while riding his skateboard in the beginning of the movie. Where are they going? Maybe just head over there and participate to find out. Get all the details at the event’s official website.

Back to the Future Museum Exhibition

Back to the Future

If you happen to be in Italy, Ecomuseo del Freidano will be hosting a Back to the Future exhibit featuring a wide collection of props, costumes and more from the time traveling trilogy, including a DeLorean time machine which fans will be able to sit inside and get photographed. The museum will even be be turned into a small Hill Valley during this time. This exhibition has been on display since July and will be up and running until November 15th. Get all the details on the museum right here.

Back to the Future Cruise

Back to the Future

If you like Back to the Future and supporting good causes, then Back to the Future Cruise to End Parkinson’s from November 7th through November 14th just might be for you. This cruise vacation is Back to the Future themed with funds going to support the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research.

The Royal Caribbean cruise ship Oasis of the Sea will have various Back to the Future celebrities and crew members along with an Enchantment Under the Sea Dance led by Harry Waters Jr. (aka Marvin Berry), screenings with live commentary, and more. Get all the details on the cruise right here.

Secret Cinema

When we featured Bob Gale’s guide to Back to the Future Day events and goodies, he mentioned that Secret Cinema was coming to Los Angeles in March of 2016. They’ve since reached out to us and told us there aren’t any definitive plans in place yet, but there are discussions about making this event happen in the United States. Stay tuned to find out more.

Back to the Future Props and Wardrobe Auction

As part of We’re Going Back, there will be an auction on October 24th in Los Angeles for various props and wardrobe pieces from the Back to the Future trilogy. ScreenUsed is behind the auction, and the above video shows some of the stuff that will be up for grabs, provided you have enough cash to beat out other die-hard Back to the Future fans for the goods. Some cast members will be on hand to help with the auction as well.

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