Following Lynne Ramsay's Departure, Jude Law Exits 'Jane Got A Gun'

Jane Got a Gun just can't catch a break. Yesterday, the indie Western suddenly found itself without a director when Lynne Ramsay failed to show up for the first day of shooting. The project quickly bounced back this morning by hiring Gavin O'Connor to take her place, but now it's being derailed again as it's lost one of its stars. Jude Law has abruptly departed the project, just one week after he initially boarded. Hit the jump to read more.

At least the rest of the cast is likely to stick around. Lead Natalie Portman is also a producer on the movie, and Joel Edgerton previously worked with O'Connor on Warrior. I don't know if the latter is why O'Connor signed on, but it probably didn't hurt.

Law only booked the role last week, following a last-minute shakeup. Michael Fassbender was attached to star for months before he ducked out last week, citing scheduling conflicts with X-Men. Edgerton, who was already set for a different role, took over Fassbender's part, and Law was brought in to replace Edgerton.

At the time, it just seemed like unfortunate timing. Now we're wondering if the same behind-the-scenes drama that resulted in Ramsay's departure affected its casting as well.

As of earlier today, Jane Got a Gun was still aiming to shoot this week. It's unclear whether that's still the goal in wake of Law's exit. The movie is still working off a script by Brian Duffield, which centers around a woman (Portman) who calls upon an ex (Edgerton) to help defend her farm when her husband becomes the target of a vicious gang. Law was slated to play the villain.