Rumor: Matthew Vaughn In Talks To Direct 'Star Wars Episode VII'

Earlier today, we ran an article with a rumored director short list for Star Wars Episode VII. Among the names were fan dream like Steven Spielberg, young guns like Neill Blomkamp and up and coming hitmakers like Matthew Vaughn. Vaughn in particular was interesting because he had long been committed to direct X-Men: Days of Future Past, the sequel to his hit film X-Men First Class, but mysteriously dropped out almost two weeks ago. Bryan Singer took over.

Now, our friends at Collider believe they have an explanation for Vaughn's exit and it's big. They report Vaughn is in talks to helm Episode VII. While obviously unable to get any kind of confirmation, Collider trusts their source enough to throw it out there, which in itself is a partial validation. Read more after the jump.

No one is going to confirm a director until Disney and LucasFilm release a press release but Collider's story is certainly interesting. Vaughn had been working on Days of Future Past for months and the timing was extremely suspicious. Many pointed to his previously proven indecision, having left both Thor and First Class, before returning to the latter. If he's in line for Episode VII however, his exit would prove a point that I believe to be true. Any filmmaker in the world would drop almost anything to have a chance to make a Star Wars movie.

For some – like Joss Whedon – that's impossible. He's already committed to a 2015 film. Steven Spielberg also has one coming in 2014, making it virtually impossible for him to truly delve into this world. But by leaving X-Men in the capable hands of Singer, having worked on the screenplay and staying on as a producer, Vaughn could conceivably have the best of both worlds.

Former and current heads of LucasFilm, George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy, both confirmed last week they'd already been speaking to writers and Vaughn is a writer, as well as director. Looking back as his films, Stardust in particular, you can see a passion of sweeping fantasy.

What would you think about a Matthew Vaughn directed Star Wars film?