Are You Allowed To Sing And Cheer During The Taylor Swift Concert Film? A Handy Guide For Swifties

Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has been playing in front of sold-out crowds since March of 2023, but with nosebleed seats going for over $285 before the exorbitant fees of ticketing services, even some of the most die-hard Swifties are being priced out of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Luckily, Taylor Swift and the rest of her team thought ahead of time and self-financed a concert movie

Just as tickets to the Eras Tour completely shut down Ticketmaster from overwhelming traffic, AMC Theatres' website and app couldn't handle the demand for "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Concert Film," and the film is already breaking pre-sale box office records. This is a huge win for struggling movie theaters trying to survive as the AMPTP-forced WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes continue, and an even bigger win for Swifties who may have missed out on seeing the show live or are hoping to capture the magic once again.

Swift took to Instagram to announce the concert film, encouraging "Eras attire, friendship bracelets, [and] singing and dancing." This seemingly innocuous caption has caused somewhat of a rift between the fandom, with some taking this to mean, "Have a fun time," while others are treating this like permission to act in a movie theater the same way a person would in a stadium. Sorry to all of the fans making TikToks with "rules as dictated by Swifties for the film," theaters do not care and will absolutely stop the movie and kick you out without refunds if you're acting in a way that is not safe.

Fortunately, I've created a helpful guide for those who are attending the concert film and looking to match the energy of the tour but without getting tossed out by an underpaid usher who should probably be getting hazard pay during opening weekend.

How do concert movies differ from regular movies?

Concert movies have been around since the 1940s, but it's been in the last decade or so that they've truly become bonafide box office hits. BTS, Justin Bieber, One Direction, Hannah Montana, Katy Perry, Madonna, Metallica, Billie Eilish, and stand-up comedians like Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and Kevin Hart have all brought in huge paydays with their concert films that double as entertainment and community events. People dress up! People sing along! People jam out in their seats! Going to a concert movie can be an extremely fun experience because the rules of typical movie-going etiquette don't necessarily apply. Silence is not expected. Dancing in your seat is totally acceptable.

However, you are still in an enclosed space, and safety rules are a lot different than in a stadium.

Unless the theater you're attending is not showing anything other than "Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour Concert Film," there are other screenings happening throughout the building. Screaming at the top of your lungs will be heard in other screens, and theaters will turn off the movie and tell you to chill out. If you don't comply, they will kick you out. It happened constantly during screenings of "Billie Eilish: Live at the O2." 

Movie theaters aren't trying to be a buzzkill or stifle your fun, it's a matter of safety. Lest we forget, we have a very serious gun violence problem here in America, and movie theaters have been the sites of mass shootings. This isn't to say we should all be paranoid about it, but this is why the safety rules differ in an enclosed space in the dark, like a movie theater, compared to a huge arena. If something happens, the staff needs to be able to effectively communicate with the audience.

Follow the vibes of the room

Every audience will differ, so it's good practice to follow the vibes of the room. Some screenings are bound to be rowdy and include people dancing at the front of the theater, similar to the way "RRR" screenings had people running to the front to have "Naatu Naatu" dance competitions. However, if your screening is mostly people staying seated and singing/dancing in their seats, it would be wise to match that energy. It's also helpful to check in with the people around you. Movie theaters are designed to be most enjoyed in a seated position, so if you stand up and no one else around you is standing, you've now become a visual obstruction to those behind you.

And I'm sure some people just read that statement and thought, "I don't care, it's my experience," and I'm here to tell you ... that makes you an a-hole. There are a variety of reasons why a person might not be able to physically stand up for the entirety of a concert movie or elect to see the concert in a movie theater as opposed to a stadium. Don't be that ableist jerk who ruins someone else's experience because you don't care about your fellow Swiftie and only care about your own enjoyment.


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Additionally, check the volume vibe of the room. A lot of folks attending didn't get the chance to see Taylor live, and a movie theater sound system in an enclosed space won't be able to compete with hundreds of screaming fans the way a stadium can. If other folks can't even hear Taylor Swift singing, it might be a sign to reel it back a little bit. Again, I'm not here to be the No Fun Police, I'm here to help make the experience fun for everyone and keep you from getting kicked out.

'But, but, Taylor said ...'

Here's some harsh truth that is going to be hard for some people to hear, but Taylor Swift is not the arbiter of what is allowed in a movie theater: the ushers and staff are. Each theater chain, venue, and screening are going to be different. Does that mean some folks are gonna have TikTok videos of their screenings looking like the ultimate dance party, while others will look like a tame sing-a-long? Yes. Yes, it does. I promise you, Mother will not be let down if your screening isn't the wildest or most out of control. She wants you to have a good time, and part of that good time means not getting kicked out

But above all else, I promise you, she wants you to treat the staff with care. Taylor Swift gave out over $55 million in bonuses to the staff workers on the Eras Tour, so follow her example and treat the staff showing her movie with respect.

TikTok creator The Folklore Theorist even called a number of movie theater chains to see what the rules would be, and it's pretty standard concert movie etiquette. Taylor said singing and dancing are encouraged, she did not say throw popcorn all over the theater and scream so loudly that the movie has to stop. Taylor said to wear Eras outfits and share friendship bracelets, but she did not say to ruin the experience for your fellow Swifties with selfish behavior. As much as seeing a concert movie might feel like going to a concert, it isn't a concert. The walls aren't soundproof, and a movie theater is not a stadium.

Have fun. Be safe. Keep it cute. Don't be a jerk. 1, 2, 3, LGB!!!