New Indiana Jones Funko And Loungefly Merch Belongs On Your Shelf, Not A Museum

This summer brings a new adventure to theaters in the form of "Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny" (watch the new trailer here). Along with the sequel that marks Harrison Ford's last outing as Dr. Henry Jones Jr., we're getting a whole new line-up of merchandise inspired by both the new movie and Indy's classic adventures. We've already seen some new LEGO sets coming to shelves, and now there's a full roster of Funko POPs and a couple of cool new Loungefly bags inspired by the original Indiana Jones trilogy. 

Whether you're a fan of the original "Raiders of the Lost Ark," the prequel "Temple of Doom," or the concluding chapter of the original trilogy, "The Last Crusade," you'll find something that belongs on your shelf. Sadly, if you're a fan of "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull," you're out of luck for now, but I can't imagine anyone will be too heartbroken about that. Check out all the cool new Indiana Jones merch from Funko and Loungefly below!

The many looks of Indiana Jones

Since Indiana Jones is the star of each of his adventures, it should come as no surprise that there are several different variations of the iconic character played by Harrison Ford. "Raiders of the Lost Ark" gives us three different regular Funko POP looks, one where Indy is wearing his signature leather jacket, another where he apparently doesn't need it, and one giving us the handsome professor look for Dr. Jones.

Finally, there will be a Die-Cast POP giving fans another "Raiders of the Lost Ark" version of Indiana Jones, this time holding the Fertility Idol. These Die-Cast POPs come in a transparent acrylic case with foil details and etching, but at $49.99, it'll cost you a bit more than your average Funko POP.

Fans of "Temple of Doom" also get a couple of variations. First, there's a Hot Topic exclusive Indy wielding both his whip and a sword while looking like he's taken a few hits. And then there's the Walmart exclusive Funko POP with Indy suited up in his white dinner jacket, including a little antidote vial.

Friends, foe, and father

Of course, Indiana Jones always needs help, and that's why his friends and family are coming with him. From "Raiders of the Lost Ark," we've got Indy's companion Marion Ravenwood, who has a capuchin monkey hanging out on her shoulder. And we've also got Indy's buddy Sallah, wearing his fez and ready for a fight. But look out, because the creepy Arnold Toht is coming, and his hand has been severely burned by the Headpiece of Ra. Sadly, he appears to be the only villain. 

If you want to snag Indy's pint-sized sidekick Short Round from "Temple of Doom," you'll have to head to Game Stop. Meanwhile, Indy's father, Henry Jones Sr., will be part of the regular line, and he's got both his trusty umbrella and briefcase. 

All of the Funko POPs will retail for $11.99 and will be available at and various retailers. 

Funko POP Moments, Rides, and Deluxe

If you'd like to have a few iconic moments from the Indiana Jones franchise on your shelf, Funko has you covered there too, starting with "Raiders of the Lost Ark." Everyone knows that famous opening moment where Indy runs from a giant, rolling boulder, and it's recreated here in Funko POP form. Meanwhile, "Temple of Doom" gets a rather fancy Funko SFX POP. Indy stands next to the skull that houses the Sankara Stones. What's great about this particular Funko set is that it has lights and sounds, with the stones glowing. Both will cost $34.99 at and various retailers.

Finally, a Funko POP Ride finds Indy and his father cruising along in the sidecar motorcycle, no doubt making a getaway from those dastardly Nazis. Could make for a great Father's Day gift, right? This one will be an Amazon exclusive for $34.99.

Indiana Jones Loungefly accessories for adventure

It's not all Funko POPs though. Loungefly is also getting in on celebrating Indiana Jones, except they're sticking with "Raiders of the Lost Ark" for their gear.

There's a mini backpack featuring an illustration of Indy running from that big boulder, surrounded by stalagmites and stalactites. You'll notice that it also includes a little coin purse in the shape of the Fertility Idol. But that's not the only accessory featuring familiar imagery. You can also snag a zip-around wallet with the exact same image. 

The backpack will set you back $90, while the wallet costs $40. They'll be available on the Loungefly website.