New Star Wars LEGO Sets Celebrate Return Of The Jedi And Bring The Most Detailed X-Wing Yet

Star Wars Celebration 2023 is in full swing, featuring news about the next era of "Star Wars" movies and a new trailer for the upcoming Disney+ series "Ahsoka" (which will be leading to a big screen culmination as well). That means we're also getting announcements about new "Star Wars" merch coming from a galaxy far, far away, and that includes a batch of new LEGO sets coming just in time to celebrate Star Wars Day in May. 

First up, LEGO is bringing us yet another building brick version of the X-Wing starfighter that has been part of the franchise since the first film debuted back in 1977. Frankly, we've lost count of how many different LEGO versions of the starship we've gotten, but this one promises to be the best version yet because it's an Ultimate Collector Series build. 

Meanwhile, fans of "Return of the Jedi" will get two new LEGO dioramas that recreate two of the most famous scenes from the original trilogy's conclusion: the speeder bike chase through the forests of Endor and the lightsaber battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader in the Emperor's throne room on the second Death Star. Get a closer look at these new "Star Wars" LEGO sets below!

Lock S-foils in attack position!

Yes, it's no secret that LEGO has released what many fans would probably consider to be too many variations on the building brick version of the X-Wing starfighter. However, it's worth noting that there have been improvements in the build with each new version, and the latest attempt is no exception. In fact, as the latest in the Ultimate Collector Series, which also includes "Star Wars" vehicles like the AT-AT, Millennium Falcon, and the Razorcrest, it's an extremely detailed version of the X-Wing that is meant for expert LEGO builders.

The latest version of the T-65 X-Wing comes together with 1,949 pieces, making it the most detailed version of the ship yet, from the Incom 4L4 fusil thrust engines to the Taim & Bak KX9 laser cannons. There are also minifigures of Luke Skywalker in pilot gear and his droid pal R2-D2. The new LEGO X-Wing measures 21.5 inches long, so you're gonna need a decent-sized space on your shelf for this one. 

"Whilst this is not the first time we have brought the X-wing Starfighter to brick life, this is the most detailed and I am so excited with the final design. It is such an iconic ship, by designing at this new larger scale we were able to include more specific details such as the thrusters, the cockpit and the wings. We are so excited to now share this with fans," said Henrik Andersen, LEGO Design Master.

You can pre-order the new LEGO X-Wing now for $239.99 at The LEGO Shop online, and it will ship out on May 4. 

'You take that one I'll take these two!'

Expanding the "Star Wars" LEGO diorama line-up, there are a couple of sets coming that will celebrate the 40th anniversary of "Return of the Jedi," starting with the speeder bike chase through the lush forest of Endor. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia are racing through the trees in pursuit of a Scout Trooper to ensure the Empire isn't alerted to their presence. You get to build two speeder bikes, three minifigures, and a couple of mighty redwood trees. 

"It's hard to over-state the impact that 'Return of the Jedi' has had on popular culture since its release 40 years ago, and it was a real pleasure as a fan to help create these new dioramas that celebrate some of the film's most iconic moments," said Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, Design Lead for LEGO Star Wars.

The 608-piece LEGO set is available for pre-order right now for $79.99, and it will ship starting on May 1.

'So be it ... Jedi'

Finally, it only seems appropriate to finish with the lightsaber duel that ended the original trilogy. Also celebrating "Return of the Jedi," there's a LEGO diorama of the Emperor's throne room, where Palpatine sits and watches his apprentice Darth Vader battle with Luke Skywalker as the war wages outside of the second Death Star. 

The set includes minifigures of Emperor Palpatine, Darth Vader, and Luke Skywalker, and what's cool is that Palpatine's lightsaber and lightning bolts can be hidden under the model. All the minifigures can be positioned in various places to recreate signature moments, whether it's the lightsaber battle itself or Palpatine being thrown down the exhaust shaft, only to somehow return in the sequel trilogy. 

The Emperor's throne room LEGO set costs $99.99, and it's available for pre-order right now, but it won't ship until May 1.

"Whether you were in the cinema for 'Return of the Jedi”s original release or came to discover it later, these two dioramas allow builders to recreate and display their own slice of cinematic history — and revealing them to fans, at the same time as many are enjoying Star Wars Celebration, is the perfect way to unveil them," said Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, Design Lead for LEGO Star Wars.