The 5 Most Ridiculous Moments In The Fast X Trailer

The "Fast X" trailer is finally here in all of its glory, and from the looks of it, it will be the biggest "Fast & Furious" movie yet. And that is saying something, given that in the previous entry, "F9: The Fast Saga," Roman (Tyrese Gibson) and Tej (Ludacris) went to space in a rocket car to destroy a satellite. The "Fast" series has never been short on ridiculous stunts, and this trailer for the latest movie is just a tiny glimpse of the absurdity that will take place in the film. Marketed as the end of the road, "Fast X" is the first in a two-part conclusion to the franchise, with the trailer featuring a villain meant to serve as a blast from the past, vengeance in the form of Dante (Jason Momoa). 

If you're a "Fast & Furious" villain and want to hit Dom where it hurts, you go after his family, and that's what the "Fast X' trailer is all about. In the over three-minute trailer, there are all sorts of insanity, showcasing how unhinged Momoa's villain is going to be while also teasing all the vehicular stunts Dom is going to do to try and keep his family safe. In celebration of this trailer and its pure craziness, I've compiled the five most ridiculous moments in this brief look at the film. It's important to note that this is in no way mocking the film but rather is a celebration of the outrageous nature of the movies, as that's what makes them so enjoyable to viewers in the first place.

John Cena slams a man through the floor

The first ridiculous moment comes early in the trailer, showcasing the unreal strength of the newest Toretto, Jakob (John Cena). It's a brief moment, but it shows that borderline super-heroic power runs in the family, as Jakob grabs a faceless goon and straight up slams him so hard against the floor that the poor bad guy goes directly through it down to the next floor. Jakob's brother Dom (Vin Diesel) has shown similar preposterous feats of strength, whether it was fighting ten men at once in "F9: The Fast Saga" or stomping on concrete so hard that the parking garage he's fighting Shaw (Jason Statham) in collapses all around them.

At this point, one has to wonder — are people like Jakob and Dominic Toretto really that strong, or is the structural integrity/architecture in the world of "Fast & Furious" just so weak that they can tear through walls and buildings with ease? Whatever the case, I'd argue you still have to be ridiculously strong to pummel people the way the Toretto family does.

The ball bomb

Thanks to some insight from "Fast X" director Louis Leterrier in an interview with Esquire, the giant metallic ball seen in the trailer is indeed a bomb. What I need clarification on is how exactly this giant ball bomb is wreaking so much havoc through Rome or what exactly is giving it the momentum it needs to chase down Letty and Dom in the brief snippets seen in the trailer. Perhaps most impressive about this scene is how many cars, buildings, and buses it destroys without going off. This trailer moment is also reminiscent of the final chase in "Fast Five," albeit with a circular-shaped object as opposed to the square safe that Dom and Brian (Paul Walker) attach to their cars in a destructive chase through the streets of Brazil. The clever callback is probably just a small tease of other scenes that will parallel the insane action scenes from previous "Fast" films.

Jakob's car missiles

Thanks to the innovative missile car, Jakob Toretto gets another spot on this list. The younger Toretto brother had a penchant for destruction in "F9," so it's nice to see him continuing the trend here. Now on the side of Dom and the rest of the family, he's at least putting it to better use in destroying what I assume are the bad guys' cars with the missiles loaded on his interestingly modeled car. The "Fast" franchise is no stranger to modded vehicles, as the aforementioned rocket car at the beginning of this article speaks for itself. What makes this car so interesting (and ridiculous) is how it's modded less for speed and more for blowing things up. The "Fast X" trailer shows how much more intense things will get for the family, and sometimes speed isn't everything. I'd like to think that this bit from the trailer shows more of the "furious" side of things after which the movies are titled.

(Potentially) the most unproductive gun fight in history

If there's one thing that characters like to do in the "Fast & Furious" movies, it's to show their strength and reputation in the most absurd way possible. In another scene reminiscent of "Fast Five," both Dom and Dante show the reach of their influence as a large number of extras pull out guns to intimidate and show their allegiance to the two characters. However, the spacing of the crowd of people makes this all impractical. I understand it's only a way of showing bravado and that, in reality, a shootout won't happen in the movie. However, that doesn't stop this scene from being ridiculous, and if even one hypothetical fictional bullet were fired, it would essentially be the end of the franchise. Also, all those guns are way too close to Jason Momoa's face. If fired, they would hurt his hearing (or worse).

Dom's helicopter takedown

Dom gets a two-for-one deal in this snippet that the "Fast X" trailer saves for last and is probably the most ridiculous (and also the best) thing shown in the trailer. With his family on the line and a maniac holding his son hostage, it looks like Dom will be even more unstoppable than he was in previous films. Nothing showcases this better than two helicopters latching onto his car, only for Dom to take them down in a move that's not entirely clear from the trailer but must surely involve some NOS and breaking every traffic law simultaneously.  It's a beautifully ridiculous moment that exemplifies everything people love about the "Fast & Furious" movies. 

Overall, the "Fast X" trailer has a lot going on and puts on display an impressive number of insane action sequences in just under four minutes. Some may think that it's all a bit too much. However, I'd like to think that's the point. "Fast X" thrives off of the insanity of its premise and the otherworldly feats of its characters that defy physics. I for one can't wait to see this film on the big screen and revel in all the white-knuckle vehicular action and family barbecues. 

"Fast X" arrives in theaters on May 19, 2023.