Yellowjackets Season 2 Teaser Trailer: There's Something In The Wilderness

Buzz, buzz, buzz! "Yellowjackets" season 2 is just a few weeks away and Showtime has released the first teaser trailer, offering a glimpse of the secrets and sins still to be uncovered.

Part "Lord of the Flies," part "Lost," the series is split between past and present storylines. In 1996, a talented girls' soccer team is stranded in the Canadian wilderness following a plane crash and eventually devolves into a paganistic clan who, it's been heavily implied, resorted to cannibalism in order to survive. In 2021, those who made it back to civilization and tried to move on with their lives find their past coming back to haunt them. 

The awesome cast includes Christina Ricci, Melanie Lynskey, Juliette Lewis, and Tawny Cypress, with "Six Feet Under" star Lauren Ambrose joining in season 2 as the adult version of Van (last seen in 1996 with a horribly mauled face following a wolf attack). Also adding to the cast is Elijah Wood, playing Walter, another "citizen detective" who becomes entangled with Misty (Ricci, in a role that's as hilarious as it is terrifying). Check out the first teaser for "Yellowjackets" season 2 below!

Yellowjackets season 2 teaser

The first season of "Yellowjackets" ended with a tragic death and left behind a dizzying array of unanswered questions. What happened to Shauna's baby? Who is the Antler Queen? What else has Taissa's sleepwalking, dirt-eating, dog-sacrificing alter ego been getting up to? What's up with that weird symbol that the Yellowjackets found in the cabin, and why has it returned in the present day? How many of the Yellowjackets survived? And is there something supernatural going on, or just pure human weirdness?

The teaser trailer doesn't answer any of these questions (there's no fun in that!), but it does offer lots of tantalizing glimpses of what's to come in "Yellowjackets" season 2. Freeze amid the quick cuts and you'll spot shots of Lottie Matthews getting electroshock therapy, a heavily bearded coach Scott, and Natalie trekking through deep snow to reach the crashed plane. It looks as though the 1996 storyline will move forward several months this season, which is more than enough time for the Yellowjackets to unravel and get a little uncivilized.

"Yellowjackets" season 2 will premiere on streaming and on demand from Showtime on Friday, March 24, before making its on-air debut on Sunday, March 26 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. (Oh, and the show has already been renewed for season 3.)