Cool Stuff: Celebrate The Holidays With A Hereditary Gingerbread Treehouse

Quick, someone give loan me $62 plus shipping and handling so I can gift myself an edible recreation of the treehouse from "Hereditary." The folks over at A24 are known for their wonderfully specific merchandising endeavors, like the time they sold the Special Auditor Award from "Everything Everywhere All At Once" which is intentionally and unmistakably shaped like a different object that makes date night a lot more fun. (Don't judge me, prudes.) Now, just in time for the holidays, A24 has crafted a gingerbread house kit that can become your family's new tradition.

Most modern gingerbread house kits come with ready-made gingerbread walls and roofs and are more of a "Hey kids, frosting fuse these pieces and decorate with candy" kit. Making the kits for one-time use only allows corporations to sell more kits each year, so while the $62 price tag on the "Hereditary" gingerbread treehouse may seem excessive, this product is a holiday investment. The kit includes a cast iron mold plate, plastic treehouse base, recipe card, instruction booklet, and a tealight to light up your treehouse at night. On the flip side of the cast iron base, there are also gingerbread Peter, Paimon, and worshippers that you can put inside the house.

The structural pieces are made from food-safe ABS plastic with a textured, forest-floor base plate, four plastic legs meant to resemble birch, a platform, and a ladder. If you can't overcome your fears of inheriting generational trauma and cult-crafted curses, at least now you can eat them. If you order quickly the house will ship by December 9, 2022, just in time to begrudgingly hang around your own messy family.

Bring us honor, wealth, and good familiars

Before "Everything Everywhere All At Once" became A24's most profitable film, Ari Aster's "Hereditary" held that title. As such, it's one of the films the company (and other entertainment merchandising companies) has merchandised the most, but until now, the offerings have been pretty standard. Do I own the "Hereditary" hardcover screenplay book? Yes. Have I gifted the puzzle of Charlie's decapitated head? Yes. Do I own the "Nominate Toni Collete, You Cowards" hat from SuperYaki? Also yes. Do I absolutely need a cast iron gingerbread treehouse-making kit? Yes, and my letter to Santa Claus is already in the mail.

The best part about the kit is that it requires the user to actually make gingerbread cookie dough for molding, saving us all from the stale, lack-of-ginger kick, mass-produced cookie shingles haphazardly included in most store-bought kits. Hopefully, someone finds a way to make a mini-cookie Toni Collette float up into the treehouse for maximum enjoyment.

The "Hereditary" gingerbread treehouse is currently available to order directly from A24.