A Christmas Story Christmas Trailer: I'm Not Crying ... I Got A BB In My Eye

Perhaps you've watched the 1983 film "A Christmas Story" over and over again. It would be no surprise. It's often on a loop on Christmas Day. Heck, it might have been on enough in the background of your holiday celebrations that you've seen it more than "Star Wars." From the leg lamp that graces so many of our windows around the holidays, to the terrifying store Santa Claus, to saying, "You'll shoot your eye out" in reference to a rather dangerous Christmas toy, you've definitely heard of it. Today we have a new trailer for the sequel from Warner Bros. Pictures and HBO Max, "A Christmas Story Christmas," a name that could be a theme for many of our actual Christmases. 

(Let's not dwell on the fact that there were a few other sequels, including "My Summer Story" in 1994, or the direct-to-DVD sequel that takes place six years after the original ... or the live musical version on Fox, which is better left in snow-covered memory.) 

In the new film, Ralphie (Peter Billingsley) has grown up and has children of his own. He returns home to visit his mom and relives that long ago Christmas when all he wished for was a Red Ryder bb gun and everything that went along with it through adult eyes. Sit back, keep your tongue away from freezing poles, and take a look at "A Christmas Story Christmas."

Watch the trailer for A Christmas Story Christmas

While I don't always love sequels that take place this long after an original film — especially one as beloved as "A Christmas Story," this trailer just warmed my heart from the second it started with clips from long ago. Billingsley's face when his mom talks about what his father would have wanted ... this film is going to make me cry in front of my parents, isn't it? 

Billingsley isn't the only original actor to return for the sequel. Scott Schwartz is returning as Flick, with RD Robb as Schwartz, Ian Petrella as Ralphie's brother Randy, Zack Ward as Scott Farkus, and Julie Hagerty as Ralphie's mom, Mrs. Parker. Also appearing are Erinn Hayes as Ralphie's wife, Sandy, Julianna Layne as their daughter Julie, and River Drosche as their son Mark.

Clay Kaytis ("The Christmas Chronicles") directs the film from a script by Nick Schenk ("Cry Macho") and Kaytis, and a screen story by Schenk and Billingsley, based on the book "In God We Trust, All Other Pay Cash" by Jean Shepherd. Producing are Irwin Zwilling, Marc Toberoff, Cale Boyter, Jay Ashenfelter, Billingsley, and Vince Vaughn. Executive producing are Mike Drake, Schenk, and Peter Dodd. 

"A Christmas Story Christmas" will premiere on HBO Max on November 17, 2022.