Morena Baccarin's Most Intense Work On Deadpool 2 Never Made It To The Screen

So many aspects of a film can change on its journey from page to screen and you never know what's going to wind up on the cutting room floor. Despite there being multiple versions of "Deadpool 2," Morena Baccarin's most intense scene didn't make it into any of them. The actress portrayed Wade Wilson's fiancée Vanessa Carlysle in both Deadpool movies, though the character was killed early on in the sequel. Fans initially feared Vanessa had been fridged, but she was resurrected by movie's end thanks to some time travel shenanigans.

Best known for her work in series such as "Firefly" and "Homeland," Baccarin was disappointed in her lack of screen time, but still felt strongly that Vanessa played a pivotal role in the film, which she certainly did. As it turns out, the actress originally had a bit more to do, but that hard work wasn't shown in "Deadpool 2." So, what was the scene and why was it cut?

'I was panicked the entire time'

When speaking to Drew Barrymore on her show earlier this year, Baccarin discussed her harrowing experience shooting certain scenes for "Deadpool 2." The actress explained:

"I will say, the second film, I shot all of my scenes underwater. And that never made it into the movie. I was –- when I tell you in a panic, like, I was panicked the entire time. And I don't scuba dive, I don't do well ... I think this [taps nose] was the word for 'I need air,' and then this was the word for [neck slicing motion] 'Get me out of here!' I was always doing this [neck slicing motion], and they'd be like, 'Okay,' they'd have to destrap me from the chair ... You're weighted down, it's terrifying."

These types of scenes can indeed be quite distressing to shoot. Michael Rosenbaum actually described a similar experience working on "Smallville." It's difficult to imagine being able to remain calm when you're weighted down and strapped to a chair underwater. After all, it goes against every basic human survival instinct.

'Morena had massive water phobia'

The scene in question was a dream sequence shot by underwater cinematographer Ian Seabrook. Based on what he told Looper last year, the filmmaker is not sure why it was cut, though he wondered if it may have been due to the way star Ryan Reynolds' prosthetics looked underwater. Apparently, water getting into a skullcap can make one look like "an egghead." As for Baccarin, Seabrook was quite impressed with the actress' work. He said:

"Morena had massive water phobia. So, what she was able to accomplish in that film when we shot her and Ryan together under water ... she was in an apartment, and the whole apartment set, where he meets with her, was completely submerged. And she was sitting down in a weighted chair, not easy to get out of it. She could get out, but it's not super easy. She did a lot of training, but her ability to overcome her fears and still perform I thought was pretty extraordinary. And the fact that it didn't make it into the film, I know that she was pretty vocal about her disappointment."

Well, it sounds like Baccarin faced her fears like a superhero. Hopefully, we'll see Vanessa make her triumphant return in the long-gestating "Deadpool 3!"